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26 Nov

Marselan – Avec Le Temps

It’s always around the time that the seasons change that we suddenly receive an email notification from our mysterious French [&hellip

10 Sep

Marselan – La Brume Du Matin

Seemingly weaving through space and time as we pass the unofficial end of summer, our mysterious French contributor Marselan appears [&hellip

5 Sep

The Visionary Mix Show – Carnival Special

There are certain things that are constants. Traditions if you will. Things that you can look forward too each and [&hellip

28 Aug

The FranDiscos – Hi. We’re Still Good

After what seems like an impossibly long absence we are finally blessed with another mix from the brothers FranDisco just [&hellip

18 Aug

Freeza Chin & Plain English Live at Bump 13

We started our BUMP brand of parties over a year ago mainly as an outlet for us to have a [&hellip

29 Jul

The Visionary Mix Show

The lazy daze of Summer are shining down on us and everyone is in good spirits. We have our own [&hellip

17 Jun

Skeezer – Summer Bass Mix

Alan Lam is a bit of a Bass Music renaissance man around these parts. Be it though producing for some [&hellip

16 Mar

Marcus Visionary – 90s Classic UKG Mix Tape 97-98

Nostalgia. Look back to go forward. Every thing that was old is new again. Relive that feeling. Music moves in [&hellip

3 Mar

BUMP 1 Year Live Recording

After every BUMP event that we do the first question that we always get is: “When is the next one?” [&hellip

3 Feb

Shft – Things I Couldn’t Say

The last time our boy Shft dropped a mix for us was in November 2013. A lot has changed in [&hellip