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31 Dec

Tasc – Lost In Time

It seems like 2013 just flew by. We had our three year anniversary and tried our best to curate a [&hellip

12 Dec

10 Years of S.I.T.C

< Drum & Bass, more than any other derivative of electronic music has always been about diversity. The melting pot [&hellip

14 Nov

Dick Diamonds – Rooted In The Heart

The Underground is a fascinating animal unto it self. No matter what is going on above ground in music the [&hellip

2 Nov

SHFT – Never Made Love

So Halloween is over, and with it all the obligatory play lists of “dark” music and imagery. Fall is in [&hellip

3 Oct

Lush on the BassCult Podcast

It’s good to know that at least SOMEBODY can actually get what is becoming a very rare mix from our [&hellip

9 Aug

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source Vol.2

Well summer is in full swing and a great summer in the city it has been so far. From massive [&hellip

4 Jul

Artifice – Crime Rate Mix – July 2013

Since his last drop for us at the beginning of the year Artifice has been locked away in his studio [&hellip

4 Jun

Wiley & Freeza Chin ‘The Ascent Toronto Mixtape’

See Freeza Chin plays the game, but he always keeps his cards close to his chest. We happen to know [&hellip

14 May

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source

photo credit: VisualBass Lets just get this straight right off the top so you know where we stand. There is [&hellip

14 Feb

Jeremy Sean – Into The Forest

We make no secret that we are on a never ending quest to find what we think is the FLY shit musically, so when Channel One co founder Tasc told us about how he had Jeremy Sean’s BlogTO mix on repeat we knew we had to take notice. Jeremy was already on our radar under his Mr Mandelphant guise while he was part of the excellent Plugged Not Thugged Blog and the always on point Major Rager parties. Whenever we would attend their stellar events and heard some quality House music being played we would look and sure enough it was Jeremy behind the decks