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22 Dec

The Visionary Mix Show on Kool London

So we are playing a bit of catch up on this one, giving you a mix of good news and [&hellip

8 Sep

Uncle Dugs Interviews Marcus Visionary on Rinse FM

Uncle Dugs is some what of a “Peoples Champion” in Drum & Bass. An Unabashed lover of all things “old [&hellip

22 Aug

Marcus Visionary & Lion Dub Live on Kool London

Channel One’s trailblazing figure head, Marcus Visionary is currently touring his signature Ragga Jungle sound all over Europe this summer, including high [&hellip

9 Aug

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source Vol.2

Well summer is in full swing and a great summer in the city it has been so far. From massive [&hellip

14 May

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source

photo credit: VisualBass Lets just get this straight right off the top so you know where we stand. There is [&hellip

12 Jun

Marcus Visionary 4×4 90’s UKG mix

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Ahhhh yes, spring cleaning. Living in this country a proper above and beyond the normal cleaning of your home, [&hellip

30 May

Marcus Visionary – Mix Mag Spotlight

A few weeks ago, Channel One figurehead Marcus Visionary was given the honor of doing a mini mix for the [&hellip

17 Jan

Marcus Visionary & Plain English UKG Mixtape

Anybody who has West Indian parents will be able to relate to the story behind this weeks podcast:  During the [&hellip

1 Nov

Marcus Visionary live on Rinse FM

DOWNLOAD MP3 | SUBSCRIBE VIA iTUNES Special treat for those that missed it, The General Marcus Visionary live from The [&hellip

27 Jun

Marcus Visionary – Live from Respect L.A 2011

Every good movie usually comes with a sequel, or at least some bonus features on the DVD with like an alternate ending or something. What if Scarface actually didn’t get shot and murked off all the crazy Bolivians and drove the porsche off into the sunset? Think of this live DnB and Jungle mix from Marcus Visionary as the alternate ending to his Carnival Ragga Jungle Special from a couple weeks ago. Yeah is starts the same, but it goes in a totally different direction once its done.

Recorded Live from Respect in Los Angeles on May 26th 2011, this is the first time in years that a Live Marcus Visionary set has been released, giving you a small sneak peak into the full circumference of absolute dancefloor distruction this man has been bringing to raves for the last 20 years.

Hosted by San Diego’s MC Ridda and witnessed by a packed club of up for it west coast junglists, Marcus lays down a diverse set of DnB party flavours for the crowd at the longest running weekly DnB night in Los Angeles.

Big shout to DJ Machete and his crew for promoting this event and overall supporting the real shit for so many years and check out for all the info on their past, present and future