21 May

Grimm – Guest Mix – May 2015

Just shut the fuck up and let the music do the talking. We live by this. We detach ourselves from those around here who don’t live by this. Call it an unofficial code of conduct that we hold everyone too. Grimm lives by this too. We never specifically had any kind of conversation about this subject with him, and that’s because we don’t have too. Actions speak. Wasting our time talking about something that both parties already know is happening would be counterproductive and takes time away from doing what is most important. The Music. Remember when Chris Rock said “You don’t get credit for doing shit that you are supposed to do”? It’s kind of like that.

If you need to find Grimm he will most likely be where he is supposed to be, in the Studio, working tirelessly on his art and his craft as a producer, remixer, mixer, vocalist and engineer. While you are taking selfies talking about “Wait till you here this new baaaannnnger”, Grimm has his head down making them. Be it as part of his widely successful production partnership as Rainer & Grimm, his extensive credit list as an engineer and mixer for some of the biggest names in the industry, or in staying true to his original love, as the voice you hear crooning hooks and melodies in some of Drum & Bass’s freshest cuts.

It is the latter that we are touching on here. Grimm started his career as an aspiring producer mesmerized by the futuristic soul and energy of Drum & Bass and Jungle. A product of Toronto’s storied love affair with the genre, despite all of his success working at other tempos and facets of the music industry Grimm never fell out of love with the music and the culture that initially inspired him. A steady stream of collaborations and vocal performances with some of the scenes most respected producers and labels has been flowing for the better part of five years now. Total Science, S.P.Y, Hospital Records and Spearhead are regular Grimm collaborators, with more on the way from this notorious studio rat. Grimm’s love for the deeper and more soulful end of the D&B spectrum is on show with this rare studio mix that he has blessed us with. Showcasing some of his recent releases and some of his current favorites from across the scene. You can catch Grimm in what is becoming a very infrequent appearance lately playing alongside regular collaborator S.P.Y. at the inaugural Master Lab event at Coda this Saturday with Random Movement and Gremlinz in tow. Essential for any true Drum & Bass head.

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24 Apr

Evidence – Spring Forward

Finally it’s here. We know we speak for most of you out there when we say we couldn’t take anymore of winter’s unrelenting grip. No worries though, we made it. Spring is here and with it the invigorating feeling of change and the inevitable rush of optimism that Summer is in fact right around the corner. Life is better. Birds are chirping. You can start to walk outside in sneakers that you have been stock piling all winter without having an anxiety attack about them instantly getting ruined. (okay maybe that’s just us) Point is, We earned this shit, now it’s time to enjoy it. You need music to soundtrack this refreshing period. We got you.

Our friend Evidence aka Leans hated winter so much that he moved to the west coast so that he could be immersed in those perpetual Spring/Fall jean jacket temperate vibes all year long. (We don’t actually know if that’s why he left but it sounds good so we are running with it) He turned in this Spring Forward mix of slick 140 bpm (or thereabouts) bass weight atmosphere. Finely tuned with equal parts 2 Step swing, hazy dub, futuristic soul and Jungle inferences throughout. Evidence captures that marvelous grey area where all of our favorite elements of the melting pot that is “Bass” music combine into one low slung, smokers groove. So build up, grab your sun glasses and get outside and enjoy this while it lasts cause it won’t be long before you are wallowing in the mid summer swamp pit of life draining humidity and corny EDM festivals. Don’t forget to stay up to date with Evidence on all of his socials and keep dialed in with everything he has going on under his more Rap leaning excursions as Leans. Wintah dun fam.

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16 Mar

Marcus Visionary – 90s Classic UKG Mix Tape 97-98

Nostalgia. Look back to go forward. Every thing that was old is new again. Relive that feeling. Music moves in cycles. Spring is almost here. Renewal. Ect ect ect.

Now that we got all of the cliché sayings out of the way to describe this weeks “throwback” mix, lets get to the point: The General Marcus Visionary, widely recognized the world over as the ambassador for Jungle Music out of Toronto, is very rarely credited for being the cornerstone in this city for another major UK music movement: Garage. We have spoken in depth in the past about Marcus’s involvement in the storied Flirt Collective and their responsibility in exposing and educating Toronto with the emerging sounds of UKG and 2 Step in the late 90’s via their club nights, mix tapes and radio shows. So today we will just skip all of that and get right to the music.

Marcus obtained a digitized copy of one of his early tapes recorded sometime between 1997 and 1998 (Marcus can’t remember exactly, too many late nights) and we are sharing it with you in all of it’s low fi, vinyl crackling, tape transferred glory. We even kept the 20 second gap of silence in the very middle of the mix to remind you that you had to flip the tape over back in the day.

The best part about mixes from the past is that they present the music in the context of when it came out, rather than an “old school” set that cherry picks the best tracks from a broader period and puts them together without consideration for the timeline of when the tracks became available originally. This is a mix of Marcus playing a set of all the records he had gotten fresh in the few weeks leading up to the recording of this mix, rather than a retrospective of hot tracks from the “golden era of Garage”. A perfect snapshot of the period, when the bump and swing of four to the floor Garage was just starting to see the broken elements of skipping 2 Step beginning to creep into the music, all anchored of course by the ever present sound system bass line. Well known (fresh at the time) classics from the likes of Dem 2 and Bump & Flex appear alongside forgotten white labels that even Marcus can’t remember.

Catch Marcus for a small and intimate BUMP special event in celebration of his birthday this Friday March 20th at Bassline Music Bar alongside fellow BUMP residents Tasc, Lush and hosted as always by Plain English for more of the same both old and brand new.

3 Mar

BUMP 1 Year Live Recording

After every BUMP event that we do the first question that we always get is: “When is the next one?” Followed quickly there after with the second question: “Did you record the sets?”.

Well the answer is the next BUMP is this Friday, March 6th at Tota, with Freeza Chin and Inner City Dance (Marcus Visionary & Lush) along with special guest Lamont Dex and hosted as always by the backbone of BUMP: Plain English.

Did we record the sets at our last event? Yes. Can you hear them? Well…. sort of. Here’s the thing, and we tell this to everyone including all of the DJ’s that ask us to play at our parties, BUMP is a unique vibe that really needs to be experienced live on the dancefloor to get the full effect. We would much rather you come and feel our energy in person with us and our amazing crowd rather than just listen to the music we play out of context (by yourself on ear buds rather than surrounded by happy, dancing people on a proper sound system)

That being said, we understand that you can’t always wait to get your next fix of BUMP’s trademark blend of authentic Garage (the classics along side the brand new wave),mixed with UK Funky and all forms of Bass heavy House music. So we have made a compromise: We created a clip reel of some of the recording from our 1 year anniversary party. Freeza Chin and Inner City Dance (Marcus & Lush) B2B all night with Plain English holding the whole thing down on the mic. We will give you this little taste to tide you over til the next time you join us on the dancefloor at BUMP.

In the mean time practice your skanks, and learn the lyrics to the tunes you may not know yet so you can have even more fun at what we know is the most fun party going in Toronto at the moment. Screwfaces and Chin strokers stay home, you are corny and are not welcome at BUMP, Everyone else, see you there!

26 Feb

Visionary Hi Fi launch

Last week, Channel One’s figurehead, Marcus Visionary, who is currently on an extensive UK tour, launched the newest endeavour in his long and varied career: Visionary Hi Fi.
Visionary Hi Fi represents the culmination of all of Marcus’s 25 plus years of exploring Sound System Culture into one concise presentation, aimed directly at the dance floors and and open air fields of Europe’s massive festival scene. Rather than just showing up to DJ at these events, playing a selection of the latest Ragga Jungle Dubplates produced by himself or his contemporaries, Marcus has decided to present a rotating cast of the scenes top MC’s, Singers and Artists to perform live, over top of custom built Jungle Riddims, mixed down and manipulated live by Marcus in the tradition of an original Jamaican or UK Dub sound system.

Marcus debuted the project for the first time live from the Kool London studios last week, presenting Visionary Hi Fi with the assist of the legendary Navigator MC, David Boomah and Yush in tow. If you want to hear something completely unique and original, and you love Ragga Jungle, than you will not experience anything else quite like Visionary Hi Fi.

Some words on the project from Visionary himself:

“Tonight I launched a brand new project called ‘Visionary Hi Fi’ on The Visionary Mix Show on koollondon.com with help from the legendary Navigator MC, David Boomah, & Yush. We took things back to our sound system roots. 2 hours of Jungle Riddims in a Reggae Dancehall style! Straight party vibes! Big shout to Rieo Sky for setting the levels. Big up Molax Chopa for coming down and taking some photos. Big up TT & Daniela Gioia for the good vibes! Big shout to East Man & Suzie G for giving me the opportunity to be on the legendary Kool London, Can’t forget DJ Brockie and all the Kool family. Big up my label fam LionDub International, Lush @ Inner City Dance, Shy FX @ Digital Soundboy, Curtis Lynch @ NECESSARY MAYHEM Big up Benny Page, Chopstick Dubplate, Congo Natty aka Rebel MC for supplying some fiery beats on the show! Big up all the listeners who locked off the chat room, phoned in and texted during the show. I’ll be taking this Live P.A performance on the road so if your interested in booking Visionary Hi Fi for the summer please contact: [email protected] Big up all of the Jungle DJ’s, Producers and promoters pushing Jungle Music for 2015 and beyond! VISIONARY HI FI PART 2 FEBRUARY 24TH!!!! Special surprise guest MC’S..”

3 Feb

Shft – Things I Couldn’t Say

The last time our boy Shft dropped a mix for us was in November 2013. A lot has changed in the 15 months since he laced us with his imitable blend of hazy RnB soaked vocals, emotive neon synths and trunk rattling 808 drum beds. The sound that he was passionately championing at the time has since “blown up”, with break out stars like Kaytranada and Sango becoming worldwide influencers, and the line between post Dilla beat makers and the ever morphing cannon of Electronic music becoming more and more blurred. As a DJ Shft stands at the forefront of this sound in Toronto, surrounded by a growing contingent of local contemporaries breaking out as producers in their own right and enriching a vibrant local scene based around this music. To keep it all the way honest with you, Shft has become one of our absolute favourite and go- to DJ’s, both for his impeccable taste as a selector and his easy going positive attitude towards his craft.

Here Shft picks up right where he left off, turning in a set that channels those last few songs at the strip club before they turn the lights on, but with enough emotional feeling and depth to soundtrack your lonely bus ride home after the bouncer throws you out on the street. Think J Dilla and Todd Edwards taking turns chopping up the samples, while Shawty Redd taps on the 808 and Timbaland looks on overseeing the whole affair, continuing to pretend like he has never actually been to a rave the whole time. Maybe this mix will get you to log off of Tinder and start texting your ex with “I miss you/sad face” emojis at 4 am on a Sunday morning, but just don’t name drop us when you try to play it off to her the next time you bump into her coming out of the OVO pop up store Ok?.. Cool.

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24 Jan

Lamont Dex – Guest Mix

Starting things off fresh for 2015, our first drop of the year comes from a brand new name that we want to get you acquainted with: Lamont Dex.

Born in Shropshire UK, but currently residing in Toronto, Lamont came to our attention via his storming throwback inspired UK Garage releases on the Ultra Bass label. Upon meeting him we recognized that his passion for and knowledge of original UKG matched our own, and we have decided him to bring him into the fold for our monthly all Garage, Funky and UK House BUMP events.

Dex steps up delivering this firing mix of all brand new UKG, chock full of his own forthcoming productions and remixes. A sure fire party starter, Lamont Dex is a name you really need to pay attention to for 2015. Catch him at BUMP 10, on March 6, or catch Dex and his crew (ASMR, Style of Tigers & YDID) from Ultra Bass Records, on their bi-weekly radio show on “TRP”, every second and last Tuesday of the month.7-9pm ET (12-2am GMT) at www.wearetrp.com.

30 Dec

Tasc – Lost In Time Vol.3

Well that’s it, the year seems like it quite literally has flown by us. Winter only technically started just last week, the winter solstice marking the shortest day of the year, the turning point where the days slowly start to get longer gives us some glimpse into the promise of summer coming sooner or later. In the meantime the long cold nights offer up plenty of time to spend in dark, smokey clubs, warehouses and booze cans dancing the hours away obliviously to anything going on in the world outside or even around you.

Our man Tasc thrives in these types of environments, his trademark blend of slow burning, murky House music providing the perfect soundtrack to forget your responsibilities, and to forget that you have been dancing in the same dark corner for hours on end. Sliding in as our last mix of 2014, Tasc delivers Lost In Time Vol 3. Once again the Ric Flare of House Music delivers another of his standard clinics in low slung, hypnotic early morning grooves. Deep, textured melancholic soul chugs away giving way to hopeful, uplifting bridge sections shining down on you from above lighting the journey until the next eyes closed, feet moving bassline takes control of your mind.

As with the other volumes in this series, enjoy this mix on whatever thought enhancing substance you like, be it solo in your headphones, or with your close friends at your nye after party. Just remember, if you have anywhere important to be or anything important to do make sure you set an alarm, or have someone you trust come and get you.

See you in 2015!

24 Dec

Freeza Chin – Cuffing Season Vol.2

Freeza Chin – Cuffing Season Vol.2 by Channel One on Mixcloud

So here we are. The “season” is in full swing and we have reached the first major test for the recently “Cuffed”: The holidays. Whatever celebration you choose to observe, this time of year can be stressful for the best of us, laden with obligation, financial pressure and forced social interactions. For those that spent the last 2 months or so locking down their new winter partner a series of questions that you may have not considered the implications of when you “ran through a ting” with enough proficiency to secure her unwavering attraction towards you at this present time. Now that your casual 3 am weekend hook up is saved as “Bae” or “Queen” in your phone you are presented with a number of obligations that you need to consider given the expectations of the holiday season.

Do you exchange gifts? What is a suitable level of gift bracket or dollar amount expenditure that you are expected to provide at this current stage of your “relationship”? Choose wisely, as any missteps at this junction could spell the end of Cuffing Season for you with a strong 2-3 months of cold weather ahead and prime “cuffing” required to see you through until spring. Keep in mind also, that she will be discussing this with her friends, some of whom you have every intention of trying to bed once the “open season” of Summer finally makes a return and you don’t want to be viewed as a bum by future prospects. (“Swag”, wit and all access VIP passes to various summer festivals is only going to get you so far my dude…)

We don’t really have the correct answers to these questions for you, it’s something that you are going to have to work out for your self. We do however have the inspirational soundtrack to keep “bae” at bay while you figure it out courtesy of our man Freeza Chin. In the spirit of the holidays Freeza drops Cuffing Season Volume 2, an even more weighty and slightly more upbeat selection of emotional 808 Club Music. “Cuffing Season” mainstays like Drake, The Weeknd and Ciara make appearances alongside fresh exclusives from Tre Mission, Sevn Thomas and Freeza himself, while bass heavy cuts from across the more soulful end of the “Bass” spectrum weave in and out.

Pour some lean in your egg nog and face the tribulations of the season head on with Freeza Chin at the controls helping you along the way. Good luck.


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22 Dec

The Visionary Mix Show on Kool London

So we are playing a bit of catch up on this one, giving you a mix of good news and bad news. The bad news is that our own Marcus Visionary has recently left his landmark Toronto radio show “The Prophecy” after 21 years. The good news is that the reason for his departure is to helm his new show on iconic London pirate turned online station Kool London (formerly Kool FM).

The seminal pirate started by Eastman and DJ Brockie 23 years ago is the original Jungle station responsible for breaking through the Hardcore and Jungle sound of the early 90’s to consecutive generations of young London. Widely credited as the entry point and inspiration for all that has come after, from Rinse FM to the current “Deep House” obsession, Kool London remains at the forefront of Jungle/ D&B with a strong roster of new talent and pioneering veterans.

Marcus has accepted the offer to join the lineup as only the second international resident on the roster (alongside NYC’s Liondub). The “Visionary Mix Show” is broadcast live every second and last Tuesday of the month and is already receiving rave reviews from the Kool faithful. The slot is an opportunity for Marcus to show a worldwide audience what we in Toronto already know, his impeccable DJ skills and diverse taste covering the full spectrum of Jungle / D&B. Chock full of exclusive Dubplates, customized radio id’s, his own fresh productions and the freshest cuts from across the D&B landscape. Here are the combined archives of his first two broadcasts, four hours of Jungle bliss. Plus don’t forget to tune in live every second and last Tuesday of the month. 7-9 GMT and 2-4 EST on Kool London. Jungle to the World!