24 Jan

Lamont Dex – Guest Mix

Starting things off fresh for 2015, our first drop of the year comes from a brand new name that we want to get you acquainted with: Lamont Dex.

Born in Shropshire UK, but currently residing in Toronto, Lamont came to our attention via his storming throwback inspired UK Garage releases on the Ultra Bass label. Upon meeting him we recognized that his passion for and knowledge of original UKG matched our own, and we have decided him to bring him into the fold for our monthly all Garage, Funky and UK House BUMP events.

Dex steps up delivering this firing mix of all brand new UKG, chock full of his own forthcoming productions and remixes. A sure fire party starter, Lamont Dex is a name you really need to pay attention to for 2015. Catch him at BUMP 10, on March 6, or catch Dex and his crew (ASMR, Style of Tigers & YDID) from Ultra Bass Records, on their bi-weekly radio show on “TRP”, every second and last Tuesday of the month.7-9pm ET (12-2am GMT) at www.wearetrp.com.

30 Dec

Tasc – Lost In Time Vol.3

Well that’s it, the year seems like it quite literally has flown by us. Winter only technically started just last week, the winter solstice marking the shortest day of the year, the turning point where the days slowly start to get longer gives us some glimpse into the promise of summer coming sooner or later. In the meantime the long cold nights offer up plenty of time to spend in dark, smokey clubs, warehouses and booze cans dancing the hours away obliviously to anything going on in the world outside or even around you.

Our man Tasc thrives in these types of environments, his trademark blend of slow burning, murky House music providing the perfect soundtrack to forget your responsibilities, and to forget that you have been dancing in the same dark corner for hours on end. Sliding in as our last mix of 2014, Tasc delivers Lost In Time Vol 3. Once again the Ric Flare of House Music delivers another of his standard clinics in low slung, hypnotic early morning grooves. Deep, textured melancholic soul chugs away giving way to hopeful, uplifting bridge sections shining down on you from above lighting the journey until the next eyes closed, feet moving bassline takes control of your mind.

As with the other volumes in this series, enjoy this mix on whatever thought enhancing substance you like, be it solo in your headphones, or with your close friends at your nye after party. Just remember, if you have anywhere important to be or anything important to do make sure you set an alarm, or have someone you trust come and get you.

See you in 2015!

24 Dec

Freeza Chin – Cuffing Season Vol.2

Freeza Chin – Cuffing Season Vol.2 by Channel One on Mixcloud

So here we are. The “season” is in full swing and we have reached the first major test for the recently “Cuffed”: The holidays. Whatever celebration you choose to observe, this time of year can be stressful for the best of us, laden with obligation, financial pressure and forced social interactions. For those that spent the last 2 months or so locking down their new winter partner a series of questions that you may have not considered the implications of when you “ran through a ting” with enough proficiency to secure her unwavering attraction towards you at this present time. Now that your casual 3 am weekend hook up is saved as “Bae” or “Queen” in your phone you are presented with a number of obligations that you need to consider given the expectations of the holiday season.

Do you exchange gifts? What is a suitable level of gift bracket or dollar amount expenditure that you are expected to provide at this current stage of your “relationship”? Choose wisely, as any missteps at this junction could spell the end of Cuffing Season for you with a strong 2-3 months of cold weather ahead and prime “cuffing” required to see you through until spring. Keep in mind also, that she will be discussing this with her friends, some of whom you have every intention of trying to bed once the “open season” of Summer finally makes a return and you don’t want to be viewed as a bum by future prospects. (“Swag”, wit and all access VIP passes to various summer festivals is only going to get you so far my dude…)

We don’t really have the correct answers to these questions for you, it’s something that you are going to have to work out for your self. We do however have the inspirational soundtrack to keep “bae” at bay while you figure it out courtesy of our man Freeza Chin. In the spirit of the holidays Freeza drops Cuffing Season Volume 2, an even more weighty and slightly more upbeat selection of emotional 808 Club Music. “Cuffing Season” mainstays like Drake, The Weeknd and Ciara make appearances alongside fresh exclusives from Tre Mission, Sevn Thomas and Freeza himself, while bass heavy cuts from across the more soulful end of the “Bass” spectrum weave in and out.

Pour some lean in your egg nog and face the tribulations of the season head on with Freeza Chin at the controls helping you along the way. Good luck.


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22 Dec

The Visionary Mix Show on Kool London

So we are playing a bit of catch up on this one, giving you a mix of good news and bad news. The bad news is that our own Marcus Visionary has recently left his landmark Toronto radio show “The Prophecy” after 21 years. The good news is that the reason for his departure is to helm his new show on iconic London pirate turned online station Kool London (formerly Kool FM).

The seminal pirate started by Eastman and DJ Brockie 23 years ago is the original Jungle station responsible for breaking through the Hardcore and Jungle sound of the early 90’s to consecutive generations of young London. Widely credited as the entry point and inspiration for all that has come after, from Rinse FM to the current “Deep House” obsession, Kool London remains at the forefront of Jungle/ D&B with a strong roster of new talent and pioneering veterans.

Marcus has accepted the offer to join the lineup as only the second international resident on the roster (alongside NYC’s Liondub). The “Visionary Mix Show” is broadcast live every second and last Tuesday of the month and is already receiving rave reviews from the Kool faithful. The slot is an opportunity for Marcus to show a worldwide audience what we in Toronto already know, his impeccable DJ skills and diverse taste covering the full spectrum of Jungle / D&B. Chock full of exclusive Dubplates, customized radio id’s, his own fresh productions and the freshest cuts from across the D&B landscape. Here are the combined archives of his first two broadcasts, four hours of Jungle bliss. Plus don’t forget to tune in live every second and last Tuesday of the month. 7-9 GMT and 2-4 EST on Kool London. Jungle to the World!

6 Dec

Freeza Chin – Cuffing Season Vol.1

The light snow on the ground and the temperature dipping below freezing daily is mother natures way of letting you know that Cuffing Season has most surely begun out here. If you are one of those lone unfortunate squirrels left in the park desperately scurrying around to get a nut before hibernation sets in than you may very well be destined to be one of this winters harsh casualties. This is the natural order of things, no use getting upset over nature’s cruel ways.

Luckily for those smart enough to partner up for the cold nights ahead, or for those who will be facing the season alone, our boy Freeza Chin has stepped up with the soundtrack to help set the mood for copulation, or get you through til that next Tinder prospect texts you “come thru” at 1230 am on a Tuesday. (Going UP).

Already a household name in Toronto as a DJ on the forefront of Grime, 140, Funky, Garage and all facets of Reggae and Dancehall, Freeza displays his more emotive side showcasing some of the most upfront hybrids of 808 Club Music. Rap drum beds, intimate R&B soul, shimmering neon electronics and vocoder washed crooning all mesh with relentless bottom end rumble to create a sound bed equally at home at your two person late night after party, or in the dressing room of For Your Eyes Only. This is drunk texting your ex at 3 am music, some Ray J boasting “I Hit It First” music, some JT “FutureSex /LoveSounds” 10 years later music. Cuffing Season has only just started, and Freeza assures us that this is just the first installment in the barrage of pills and syrup laden hip sashay music that he has cooked up for the long winter ahead. Don’t get left out in the cold.


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11 Nov

Marselan – Entre Deux Rêves


The grey area. That glorious place where things intersect and blur into one cohesive yet disparate vision. This is where the good stuff happens. This is what excites us in music.

The grey area between House and Techno has been a long standing tradition in dance music, reaching right back to the beginnings of both genres. Techno’s stark futurism meeting House’s sleazy propulsion in perfect harmony on the dance floor. There have been no shortage of artists and DJ’s who have straddled this line over the years, but when we were introduced to this week’s contributor we knew we had found someone special with a unique vision. Allow us to introduce you to Marselan:

From the coast of Cassis to the off-spaces of Old Montreal, Marselan links the genres together with that certain style and finesse that the French are so well known for.  A seemingly newcomer on the scene with a level of poise and skill that we suspect can only come for a wily veteran, we really don’t know anything about Marselan other than the mixes and the music that he has sent us.  “Entre Deux Reves” is the name of his podcast, which translates to “Between Two Dreams” and sums up the hypnotic vibe of the mix perfectly. We’d like to think that the name is a metaphor for the space between Techno and House that we are so fond of, but to be fair maybe we are just reaching. Regardless, murky, late night head in the clouds, feet on the dance floor selections  effortlessly layer one on top of the other creating a mesmerizing tapestry that showcases Marselan‘s whimsical yet effective sonic aesthetic.

The track list is flawless, chock full of personalized re edits that emphasize the main groove of each individual track and be spokes  them into perfect position within Marselan‘s puzzle.  Based on what we have heard so far, expect many more mixes and original material in the new year, but in the mean time acquaint yourself with the eccentric mind of Marselan.


8 Oct

Guest Mix: Frankie Gunns

We pride ourselves on living for the future.  Even though everyone involved with Channel One all have long histories in underground music and celebrate our heritage and influences on the regular, our eyes always remain fixed on what’s next.  This constantly evolving and morphing nature of the music and the culture behind it is what keeps us interested and motivated to be a part of it in the first place.  There are however certain aspects of the change associated with this infinite journey that we are sorry to see fade sometimes.

One such piece of this puzzle is that of the Record Store and Record Shop Culture.  Once the quintessential central hub of dance music and DJ schooling, The importance of the Record Store as the true beating heart of the scene has long since subsided.  Every good record shop always had behind its counter a couple of key players that would dictate the quality of the whole establishment. Be it the Head Buyer or the cool local DJ who worked there, they all maintained a dedicated “client list” that looked to them as a key tastemaker and trusted musical advisor.  Any serious DJ or record collector understands that the relationship you have  with “the guy behind the counter” is one akin to that of the relationship you have with your barber or your bartender or the guy you “grab” from.   The true Record Store guy is always someone with a deep knowledge and passion for the music they are selling, with their own finely honed, diverse,  even slightly obscure personal taste politely nudging you to take  a listen to what they like, yet selfless enough  to direct you to that “big tune” that they may personally hate.

One such hero of the record shop is long time Toronto stalwart Frankie Gunns.  A product of the very early 90’s Toronto Rave Scene, Gunns  followed the path of others from his “era” getting hooked on the sounds of Hardcore via the parties, radio shows and DJ’s of that time.  His voracious appetite for new and exciting music  locked him in on the journey from Hardcore, to Jungle and on to Drum & Bass, with a keen ear always scanning what was happening in House and Techno simultaneously.  In 2001 Gunn’s took every serious vinyl addicts dream job, securing a job at Toronto’s landmark record store Play De Record.  He eventually inherited the Head Buyer position (from the equally legendary David Cooper) becoming responsible for curating all of the House, Techno, Drum & Bass/Jungle and Dubstep that would be available in the shop up until he moved on at the end of 2011.  The list of DJ’s big and small and vinyl collectors that can directly credit the contents of their personal collections to Gunn’s work at Play De is literally too long to mention and should not be overlooked in the overall history of the Toronto scene.

Frankie Gunn‘s own journey as a DJ has earned him a cut in stone reputation  as a go to for flawless good taste in both the newest freshest cuts and the most essential gems from the past.  With one of the most impressive personal record collections in the country, his popularity as an “Old School” Jungle DJ has never waned after leaving Play De Record, and while he has slowed down his gigs of late Gunn’s recent addition to the Radio Frontline roster has fans of his impeccable selections waiting patiently for each new show he broadcasts.  We are very happy to get a special mix of timeless 94 era Jungle music touching on some of the true gems of that period from a man whose knowledge of and passion for that sound is truly second to none.  Watch for more exclusive Channel One content from the wiley veteran as we move forward also.


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22 Sep

Tasc – Lost In Time Vol.2

The autumn equinox, signalling the first day of Fall and the official beginning of change is upon us. For many this is a favourite time of the year, including our own Legend of the Fall himself, Tasc. Marking the occasion, The incomparable French James Bond steps up to the plate to drop Lost In Time part 2, a long overdue clinic of a mix to soundtrack the season in his patented style. His last outing for us, Lost In Time, was a masterful showcase of the kind of slow burning, murky House music that Tasc stands at the forefront of, each time he comes out its always met by a rabid base of train spotters eager to seek out every tune that he plays.

Tasc‘s unmatched ability to scan the deepest neither regions of low slung late night beats is on full display. Uncovering the freshest unheard of selections and weaving his seamless sonic tapestry, locking you in and taking you along for the ride. Each track building upon the last, taking you further and further down the rabbit hole of smoked out after party sleaze and reckless abandonment. Night turns to morning and morning to afternoon without any awareness of the time passing, the exact effect Tasc strives for with every drop. This is “garbage bags taped to the windows to block the day light” warehouse music. Yet all the tracks have a subtle detail and texture to them, making this mix equally ideal for headphone and car listening.

Perfect for long trips, both figuratively and literally, be it a train ride or an introspective journey through your mind. As we told you last time around, clear out your schedule for two hours and get ready to get “Lost In Time”.

17 Sep

Lush – Cruel Summer – Destiny Warmup

One of the main reasons that Drum & Bass can often be misunderstood to the uninitiated is that it’s a music that needs to be heard and experienced in it’s intended environment: That is a massive sound system, in a big or small room, surrounded by lots of people.

Lush has made his career as a DJ who understands this experience and excels at creating it. Although he has proven over the years that he is a man of many hats and tastes as a DJ, Drum & Bass has always been his undisputed speciality and the foundation that his reputation has stood on. Truly the “DJ’s DJ”, Lush’s influence on the ever present scene musically and in the way other DJ’s in Toronto play around him is with out question at this point.

Capturing that “experience” most of the time has meant catching Lush do what he does live in any of the countless raves and parties he has played at over the years, as regulars to this site can tell, Lush puts out very few studio mixes. Every once in a while though, he drops a gem on us. In honour of the recent 21 year anniversary of Toronto party icons Destiny Events, long time resident Lush recorded an exclusive “Warm Up” mix to help get the party started. This is the sound of DJ Lush at 1 am on the dancefloor, replete with his trademark goose bump inducing mixing and diverse, genre showcasing selection.

From Lush:

21 years of DESTINY Events and possibly (hopefully not though…) the FINAL Destiny event in the main room of The Guverment. Young Lush was at the very first Destiny party way back in 1993 and I’ve been honoured to have been welcomed to there stage countless times over the last 15 odd years that I have been one of their residents. As a token of my respect I recorded this mix exclusively for Destiny as a warm up for the festivities. A snapshot of the way I play a “big rave” like only Destiny can put on and a great selection of the vibrancy and excitement of the current state of Drum & Bass. Here’s to another 20 years of Destiny! See you on the dance floor.


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11 Sep

Gremlinz & Lush – Radio Frontline

Radio Frontline is a UK based online station devoted to the sounds and culture of Jungle Music, from Acid and Hardcore through to Jungle and Drum & Bass. The stations impressive roster boasts a number of formative producers from the golden era digging deep into their vinyl collections alongside younger talent keen to push forward their love of all things “Old School”

Toronto heavy weight and world wide torch bearer Gremlinz holds down a bi weekly slot on the respected station, dusting off underground classics and seminal records from his deep personal collection. Last week he invited fellow Toronto DJ legend and unrepentant vintage Jungle head Lush in to come play some vinyl and roll out a mix.

Hopefully the track listing from this session will be added soon, for your You Tube and Discogs scouring pleasure.