3 Oct

Lush on the BassCult Podcast


It’s good to know that at least SOMEBODY can actually get what is becoming a very rare mix from our boy Lush these days. Turns out our friends at the BassCult Podcast and D&B Culture figured out that if you lure him in under the guise of doing an interview to discuss his involvement with Inner City Dance and this very web site, then you can get his guard down enough that he will let you hit record while he plays some music. We will keep that in mind.

Of course with Lush, things just sort of happen and what starts as a simple question and answer session on what is happening over at the label he runs with Marcus Visionary and whats going on behind the scenes over here quickly shifts over to a whole bunch of other loosely related topics. In Lush’s typical light hearted yet bluntly honest manner he shares some stories from the past and gives a great insight about the rise and fall of “Dubplate Culture” in Drum & Bass and beyond. An informative and engaging listen from a guy respected as much for his DJ skills and history as he is for his “tell it like it is” persona.

Rounding off the 2 hour chat, Lush steps up to the decks and lays down a quick mix of brand new and mostly unreleased music from mainly Canadian producers including Rene Lavice, Marcus Visionary, Gremlinz, Artifice, NC 17 and John Rolodex.

Maybe Lush will bless us with another one of his mixtapes one day soon eh?

I Tunes:





Dizzee Rascal – I Don’t Need A Reason (Mampi Swift rmx)
Rene LaVice – Dark Passenger (June Miller rmx)
Spirit – Axis 2
Marcus Visionary -Cold Sound (Blue Note Mix) – Soundman EP
Marcus Visionary – Black Widow – Inner City Dance
Marcus Visionary – Soundman Dub – Soundman EP
Artifice – Blacklight VIP
Artifice – Airlock VIP
Marcus Visionary – Dubwizer – Soundman EP
Unknown – Some Dude – Yeah.
Artifice – Centrifuge
Spirit – Obsession
Rene LaVice – Tap Dat (Chords rmx)
John Rolodex – You’re The One
Marcus Visionary – Open Your Soul
NC 17 & Nusense – Henchville
Skyjuice – 90’s
Skyjuice – Raggamuffin

28 Sep

Tasc & Dick Diamonds – Next Door

Getting you ready for the Fall and the eminent start of Cardigan Season (or Cuffing Season depending on who you talk to) we are dropping some fresh new visuals for a recent collaboration between our own Tasc and Dick Diamonds of the mighty Deep North Collective.

The track itself is a bumping late night sleazer with a languid rolling b line in line with Tasc’s legendary DJ sets and Deep North’s illicit after hours events. The expertly curated visual collage brings the whole package to the next level and is really just a taste of things to come from the Gawd 2 Champagne, Dick Diamonds and the whole Deep North crew.

Tasc & Dick Diamonds – Next Door from Channel One

9 Aug

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source Vol.2

Exploring The Ruins of Detroit's Packard Auto Plant

Well summer is in full swing and a great summer in the city it has been so far. From massive daytime festivals to illicit late night sweat boxes, there is something fun and exciting happening for fans of all styles of electronic music. If history teaches us anything it’s that when things explode and start to feel “mainstream” there is ALWAYS a counter reaction of music coming from the underground to balance the over the top “main room” music being pushed to the front.

With his fingers ever on the pulse of that underground reaction for over 20 years now, Marcus Visionary returns to Channel One with part 2 to his Underground Source House and Garage mix from a couple months ago.

Sexy, soulful, dark, upbeat body moving music from start to finish, highlighting the new wave of Garage inspired House music pouring out of the UK at the moment. Remember what we told you last time? Music that captures that magical “Feeling” of original 4/4 Garage and 2 Step but with brand new production and a whole new generation of producers revitalizing and broadening the sound.

Play loud, in a dark room, with lots of your friends.

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17 Jul

Terror Tone – Summer Jump Off Mixtape


We are big fans of Terror Tone. After debuting him on Channel One almost two years ago Luke Terror Tone has gone from strength to strength in his studio, pumping out meticulously crafted productions that have been getting better and better with each passing track.

His label Stacked Records has been putting out quality Garage leaning party music, raising the profile of the label with every release. His music has been regularly peppering the play lists of BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and the Fabric Live Mix Series, and his forthcoming Galaxies EP on Stacked has been gaining more widespread response and play than any release previous.

Much like his current wave of production, his DJ sets are designed to make you move. Terror Tone’s mix tape is full of his own tracks and dubs alongside some of the biggest dance floor tracks of the last few months from Breach, Disclosure, Duke Dumont, Shadow Child and Claude von Stroke.

In addition to the Galaxies EP dropping July 18, watch for Terror Tone’s remix of Project 88’s “Dirty Acid” for Inner City Dance in September as well as more original stuff in the pipeline with different labels before the end of the year.

Catch Terror Tone at the release party for the Galaxies EP at newly minted Studio Bar on Jul 20th.

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1) Amine Edge & Dance – Pop 60 (Original Mix)
2) Breach – Jack
4) R.I.P Productions – Work It
5) Terror Tone – Tundra (Ragga Twins Vocal Mix)
6) Terror Tone – Mash up
7) Shadow Child – So High
8) Kry Wolf & Claude VonStroke – Turbosteppa
9) Disclosure – Latch (T.Williams Edit)
10) Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E – Need U (100%)
11) Polkadot – Wasn’t Like That
12) Terror Tone – The Creeps
13) Lioness – The Night (Terror Tone Remix)
13) Slap In The Bass – Egypt (Hostage Remix)
12) Wilkinson – Take You Higher (Foamo Remix)
13) Loadstar – Refuse to Love (My Nu Leng Remix)
14) Deekline and Hardy Hard – I Can’t Hide It (Terror Tone Remix)
15) Project 88 – Dirty Acid (Terror Tone Remix)
16) Deekline – JZ in Paris
17) Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Dappy
4 Jul

Artifice – Crime Rate Mix – July 2013

Since his last drop for us at the beginning of the year Artifice has been locked away in his studio pumping out tracks at a staggering rate while his DJ diary has been getting busier and busier.

We told you then, like we have with so many other artists previously: Remember where you heard it first!

Artifice returns with a fresh mix chock full of some of his latest dubplates just in time to coincide with his next release for the fast rising, always unpredictable Inner City Dance imprint.

We call him “Champion Handsome” but there is really nothing nice about his DJ style. Precise, stark, clinical Drum & Bass aimed at the dance floor but never straying to far from the minimal, tension building vibe that is Artifice’s production trademark.

Artifice also possesses possibly the tightest Vine game in all of Drum & Bass. (We are confident his skills with 6 seconds will translate just fine to 15 with Instagram Video)

“Crime Rate” b/w “Shadows” drops July 8th on Inner City Dance with much more in the pipeline from this vastly talented producer on a number of labels in the months to come.

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For tracklisting hit the jump! Read More »

4 Jun

Wiley & Freeza Chin ‘The Ascent Toronto Mixtape’

See Freeza Chin plays the game, but he always keeps his cards close to his chest. We happen to know that for the last few months he has been keeping an ace on deck in his back pocket, waiting for the right time to shut down the rest of the table.

That time has now come. In addition to his role as the number one Grime DJ outside of the UK, he is also a professional recording engineer by day, working the SSL board at key Toronto studio, Phase One.

Its in his day job that he was able to meet up with and record with arguably THE key figure in all of Grime, The Eski Beat pioneer, Pay As You Go Cartel member, Rinse FM original and Roll Deep and Boy Better Know don: Wiley. While in the process of recording his current album “The Ascent”, Wiley came to Toronto to quietly record in privacy and gain inspiration. After meeting with Freeza he invited him to one of his sessions and decided to bless the mic for an entire mix tape helmed by Freeza behind the decks.

The result? A blazing half hour of Wiley lacing his never ending flows and bars over Freeza’s selections in the same pirate radio style that made Wiley the undisputed legend that he has been for over 15 years.

“The Ascent” is out now and in true Wiley style after much drama and controversy between his label and management over what he releases, Wiley is still the same enigmatic figurehead for the entire scene that he has been since creating the whole genre on Rinse FM all those years ago.

Catch Freeza Chin this summer as the official tour DJ for Toronto’s Grime phenom, Tre Mission in performances alongside Kendrick Lamar and Joey Baddass, leading up to September when Freeza and Tre will embark on their first tour of Australia.

If there was ever any doubt about who was the most important figure in Grime music on this side of the world, maybe this mix will convince you. Nobody is testing Freeza Chin!

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14 May

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source

photo credit: VisualBass

Lets just get this straight right off the top so you know where we stand.
There is no such thing asFuture Garage. There is also no such thing as “Future  Jungle”, “Future House” or any other attempt at creating a genre out of revisiting old ideas and vibes in new ways.  Whatever music you make or play is either music for right now, or music from the past. Stop making up new names to try and compartmentalize music so that you can lay claim to a new genre.

That being said our latest drop highlights our views perfectly.  At Channel One we make no secret about our love affair with all things “Garridge” related.  Who better to step up to the plate with a blazing hour of brand new Garage leaning House music than the DJ who pioneered the sound in this country in the first place: Marcus Visionary.

We have documented the history before but to sum up Marcus alongside DJ’s Sassal’e and T Step introduced Toronto to the sounds of UK Garage in the mid nineties via their weekly Flirt parties, their individual mix tapes and threw their radio shows.

As Garage morphed from New York style stomping 4/4, to two step and then faded into dark garage, Grime and then Dubstep, lovers of original UK Garage have been searching for tunes that had that “feeling” that made them fall for the sound the first time around.

Lately more and more tunes are popping up from new UK producers and labels alongside new tracks from re-inspired pioneers of the style that have “that feeling”.  Always on the pulse, Marcus gets to work and selects brand new tracks from scene innovators like MK alongside young producers inspired by the sound like Terror Tone and Huxley.

The warm weather is just about here. Get that summer vibe going with this mix of upfront Garage House music from one of the most important and influential  DJ’s to ever walk the earth on this side of the world.  There is nothing “Future” about it. This is “Right Now Garage“.


8 Apr

Lush – The Silent Killer/Bassweek Wrap Up Mix

photo: MacPhoto

Finally.  Its been 18 months since our boy Lush dropped anything for us.  We would egg him on, tease him, send him messages: “Where’s your next mix bud?“ ect ect but the whole time we knew it really wouldn’t matter. He would always respond with: “I’m Busy Eh!” or “I recorded some shit but deleted it cause it sucked”.  Lush just does Lush, and when he is ready he delivers, and blows you away. The guy doesn’t make “podcasts” he makes classic mixtapes that you can go back to again and again.

This time he did what alot of people have been waiting for, a mix that properly captures the dance floor destruction the man has consistently been laying out to Drum & Bass parties for years and years and years. He recorded it exclusively for Destiny’s Bassweek festivities as a “sum up” of the electricity and energy of Drum & Bass right now and Destiny and TorontoJungle.com’s scene leading events.

From Destiny:

“Long time Destiny resident and Toronto DnB/Jungle/Bass music torch bearer DJ Lush gets to work and turns in this exclusive mix to wrap up an incredible week of epic parties and amazing sets.

This is the sound of Bassweek at 1 am on the dancefloor mixed with Lush’s trademark ferocity.  120 minutes of three deck technical precision and goosebump inducing vibes.

See you next year.”



> The Shaman – DC Breaks
>>>> The Beginning – Moving Fusion
> So Inspired To Fail- Rene LaVice
>>>> Bass 2 Dark – Asylum
> Mind Control- Artificial Intelligence
> Fighter – Unreal remix
>>>> Bleeps Tune – Photek
> Regrets – Rene LaVice
> Hit The Ground – Loadstar
> Everyday – Andy C Remix
> Sabotage – Metrik & Futurebound
> Vice Cream – Rene LaVice
> Black & White (Hamilton rmx) – Loadstar
> Shadows – Artifice
> Go With The Flow – S.P.Y
> Thorax – Rene LaVice
> Diffused (S.P.Y remix) – Upbeats
> The Creator – Dub Phizix
> Black Light – Artifice
> Hot Box – Mind Vortex
>>>> Dark Stranger – Origin Unknown rmx 2
> Get Free – Andy C remix
> Love So True – Break
> Analysis Paralysis – Krakota
>>>>She Brings Me – Jaydan
> Unknown – Dubplate
> Do Without You   – Hazard
> More Wore – Rene LaVice
> Keep Steppin’  (Unreal rmx) – A Sides
>>>> Metropolis – Adam F
> Air Guitar – Hazard
> Purple Gates – Fred V & Grafix
> Bass Finger – Marcus Visionary
> Understand – Optiv & BTK
>>>> Set Up The Set – Octane & DLR
> Crime Rate – Artifice
> Cold Sound – Marcus Visionary (Blue Note remix)
> Phantom Force  – Fracture remix
>Arc VIP – Mind Vortex
>>>>Mad One – Artificial Intelligence
>Bomber – Loadstar
>Outro:  The Killer/Words From The Juiceman
21 Mar

Freeza Chin – Warm Up mix

Fresh off shelling down our Face / Off party last weekend with our good friends at Last Planet, the kid Freeza Chin steps up with his “Warm Up” mix

We are not going to lie, Freeza made this mix as a promo leading up to the event but because we were all really busy we didn’t put it up until now. (Shrugs) We are our own bosses so we get away with things like that.

None the less Freeza sets a vicious pace deftly mixing some fierce Grime, Rap and 140 ish Bpm party beats together to get you hyped up for whatever task you need psyching up for.

As always with Freeza, this mix is chock full of exclusives and Dubplate specials that will have you watching the tracklist like a hawk.

Big shouts to everyone who came out and got extra messy with us at Face/ Off and watch out for more event collaborations with Last Planet coming soon.



  1. Wiley – Rubicon [Freeza Chin Special]
  2. Kid Ink – Bad Ass (Instrumental)
  3. Whistles – Fumando
  4. Merky Ace – 3 CDs Freestyle (prod. by Rude Kid)
  5. Skepta – 2 + 2 x 2 feat. K.J, Frisco, JME, Shorty & Jammer
  6. Barrington Levy – Murderer (J-Lah Remix)
  7. Kano – Get Wild feat. Aidonia & Wiley (Redlight Remix)
  8. Spooky – Coolie Joyride
  9. Slew Dem – Playground
  10. Collie Buddz – Phone Call (Gravity Remix)
  11. Kanye West – Mercy feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz (Schlachthofbronx Edit)
  12. UZ – I Ain’t Got No Patience feat. Trinidad James
  13. Kendrick Lamar – M.A.A.D. City feat. MC Eiht
  14. Tre Mission – Dollar Bill
  15. Collie Buddz – Ganja Pipe
  16. Sevn Thomas – CoCo (Battle Mix)
  17. Flava D – Sickman
  18. UZ – Turn Up feat. Casey Veggies & Iamsu!
  19. Mark Knight – Alright (J-Lah Remix)
  20. Shanay Holmes – Worth The Wait (Preditah Remix)
  21. Prowla – Xplosive Refix (prod. by Freeza Chin)
  22. Preditah – Overdose
  23. Submotion Orchestra – Thinking (Maths Time Joy Remix)
  24. Baxta – Whateva
  25. SWV – Rain (Two Fresh Remix)
  26. Ms. Dynamite & Labyrinth – Neva Soft
  27. Skepta – In A Corner feat. MC Trigger
  28. Ms. Dynamite – Your Eyes feat. Gappy Ranks, Sweetie Irie, Nathan, J2K
  29. James Blake – Retrograde (Vlsonn Bootwork)
  30. Kixnare – Gucci Dough
14 Feb

Jeremy Sean – Into The Forest

We make no secret that we are on a never ending quest to find what we think is the FLY shit musically, so when Channel One co founder Tasc told us about how he had Jeremy Sean’s BlogTO mix on repeat we knew we had to take notice.  Jeremy was already on our radar under his Mr Mandelphant guise while he was part of the excellent Plugged Not Thugged Blog and the always on point Major Rager parties. Whenever we would attend their stellar events and heard some quality House music being played we would look and sure enough it was Jeremy behind the decks.

He has since dropped the Mandelphant moniker and is moving forward as a DJ under Jeremy Sean. His sound leaning even further and deeper into House and Techno terrain as a selector, event promoter and soon to be unveiled productions.  His first event “Forest of L.I.E.S” with special guest Ron Morelli will be happening at the newly minted Black Box theater on Feb 23rd.

His mix reflects perfectly his new direction, just looking at the track list you know this is quality from the moment the needle hits the record. That’s right “record“,  Jeremy has blessed us with an all vinyl mix which we really appreciate because it shows us his level of passion and dedication for his sound and his craft as a DJ.  A meticulously crafted journey from start to finish perfect for getting you through these dark winter days and dancing the cold nights away.  Deep, soulful, introspective yet at the same time moving and uplifting,  Jeremy Sean is a name to watch for intently in the months and years to come.


1. Keith Worthy – Emotional Content
2. 808 Mate – Untitled
3. Genius of Time РTuffa trummor med r̦st
4. JTC – Beats in Space
5. Steve Summers – Analogous Desires
6. William Kouam Djoko – Day Break
7. Levon Vincent – Speck’s Jam
8. Maximillion Dunbar – Cassette Arabic
9. Adalberto – Let Love Come Home
10. Olin & Co. Processing – Oslo
11. Paranoid London – Paris Dub 1
12. Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms (Trevino Remix)
13. Brooks Mosher – Nimbus
14. Xosar – Rain Day Juno Jam (Legowelt Remix)
15. Omar S – Triangulum Australe
16. Obsoletetechnology – 909 Test
17. Frank & Tony feat. Bob Moses – Worked