27 Jun

Marcus Visionary – Live from Respect L.A 2011


Every good movie usually comes with a sequel, or at least some bonus features on the DVD with like an alternate ending or something. What if Scarface actually didn’t get shot and murked off all the crazy Bolivians and drove the porsche off into the sunset? Think of this live DnB and Jungle mix from Marcus Visionary as the alternate ending to his Carnival Ragga Jungle Special from a couple weeks ago. Yeah is starts the same, but it goes in a totally different direction once its done.

Recorded Live from Respect in Los Angeles on May 26th 2011, this is the first time in years that a Live Marcus Visionary set has been released, giving you a small sneak peak into the full circumference of absolute dancefloor distruction this man has been bringing to raves for the last 20 years.

Hosted by San Diego’s MC Ridda and witnessed by a packed club of up for it west coast junglists, Marcus lays down a diverse set of DnB party flavours for the crowd at the longest running weekly DnB night in Los Angeles.

Big shout to DJ Machete and his crew for promoting this event and overall supporting the real shit for so many years and check out www.respectdrumandbass.com for all the info on their past, present and future.

13 Jun

Freeza Chin – PODCAST


Summer is upon us, and that means if your in Toronto then Caribana (or whatever ridiculous name it’s been changed to now) is right around the corner. Just in time, Freeza Chin drops this fresh dancehall podcast for ya’ll to get you ready for the festivities.

So if you’ve been keeping your new Clarkes, Jeans & Fitted stowed away all winter in anticipation, or you’ve been on YouTube secretly practicing all the latest dances all year long then this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Some daggering selections from your boy Freeza.

3 Jun

Tasc – Podcast


From the designer clothes of France to the designer drugs of the dance, the French James Bond DJ TASC returns to CHANNEL ONE after too long an absence.

Tasc spent the last few months supplying the soundtrack to the YACHT LIFEâ„¢ from the shores of the Mediterranean to the slums of Detroit (ask him how hard it was to find a docking slip for the 80 ft Feretti in the Detroit river during DEMF).

But these are not matters that concern us, what we care about is that the boat shoe kid is finally dropping a fresh podcast of his trademark brand of late night twisted house to get you faded.


  1. Solomun – Love Recycle 3
  2. Audiofly – 6 Degree’s feat Fiona Cutler
  3. David August – Hamburg is for lovers
  4. Stefan Esposito – Acid Groove
  5. Luca Lozano – Heaven & Hell
  6. Phil Weeks – Can We Ever Stop
  7. Catz N Dogz, Martin Dawson feat Nnaji – No Nights
  8. Terrence feat Henry Martinez – Addictiv
  9. Kaiserdisco – Lurin
  10. Ron Costa – Gin Aber
  11. DJ Sneak – Babylon Falling
  12. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Walking Song
  13. Noze – Dring Dring (Thomas Shumacher Remix)
  14. Munnibrotherz – Moon Chon Chayoh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
  15. Jamie George – Flying Saucer
  16. Them Jeans – Balloons (Sharkslayer Remix)
  17. The Phantom – Night Game (Viadrina Remix)
  18. Ramon Tapia – Yeah Yeah
  19. Samuel L Session – The Organ Track
  20. Chappell & Alex Ventura – So Free (Klement Bonelli Dub)
  21. Eats Everything – Lakota
  22. Butch – Aerobic
  23. Den Ishu & Superlounge – This Is It
  24. Homework – The Street
  25. Maya Jane Cole – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
  26. Julio Bashmore – Ribble To Amazon
  27. Dubbel Dutch – Trollsta (Round Table Knights Remix)
  28. Jesse Rose – Where Were You (Last Night)(Catz n Dogz, Martin Dawson Remix)
  29. B-Ju – Babble Net
  30. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend (Ixec & Matt Tolfrey Falling Down Remix)
27 May

Marcus Visionary – Carnival Jungle Special 2011


Channel One figurehead and legendary ‘All things Bass’ pioneer Marcus Visionary returns off his European tour fully loaded with dubs and a renewed vibe to continue to push the Ragga Jungle sound that has been his trademark throughout his long career.

Last years Caribana Jungle special still remains as the highest downloaded podcast in our history with over 30,000 individual downloads. Now just in time for the start of summer, Marcus drops his Carnival Ragga Jungle Special 2011! Over 2 hours of exclusive dubplates you won’t hear anywhere else for a looooong time.

From Marcus:

“This mix was mainly inspired by the vibes and the music that I got from Benny Page and the Serial Killers who for me are at the forefront of this sound. I also included a number of my own new tunes that I have been testing out in my sets for the last little while which will all be dropping this year on Lion Dub International”

This is the essential summer time carnival party starter mix. Make sure you have your whistle, horn, lighter and a towel close at hand…

20 May



Check out this months’ episode of VERSION XCURSION as they continue to break boundaries and concepts in pushing the music they love.

More Info:

Track List (Hosted by Aram Scaram)

  1. Jahdan Blakkamoore VX Dubplate
  2. Jahdan Blakkamoore, All Comes Back To One
  3. Stephen Marley feat. Melanie Fionna, No Cigarettes In My Room
  4. Nneka, feat M-1 & General Steele, Changes (J Period remix)
  5. Dub Pistols, Never Find Dub
  6. Prince Fatty feat. Horseman
  7. Mr. Benn, Police (Magic Fly remix)
  8. Ain’t My Fault (Nickodemus & Brian J remix)
  9. Mafia & Fluxy, War
  10. Treson, VX Dubplate (accapella)
  11. Freddie McGregor, No Defeat
  12. Candyman, Kill A Sound
  13. Stalag So Fresh (Scaram re-edit)
  14. Sade, Love Is Found
  15. DJ Catalyst, A Friend
  16. Early Worm, Mary’s Dirty Dub Farm
  17. Dubmatix, Inna Eden Dub
  18. Prince Blanco, Unify On The Hi-Fi
  19. Aldubb feat. Brother Culture, Praises In The Dance (Citizen Sound remix)

Sassa’le Guest Mix

  1. RSD – Rise Up
  2. Blue & Red – Worries
  3. Pinch – Battered
  4. DJ Fresh & Sigma – Lassitude
  5. Skitz – Born Inna System feat. Buggsy (RSD Remix)
  6. Skitz – Born Inna System feat. Buggsy
  7. RSD – Herbman Hustling
  8. Rusko – Woo Boost
  9. Magnetic Man – Fire feat. Ms Dynamite
  10. RSD – Jah Love
  11. Rusko – Hold On
  12. Shy FX – Raver (Shy’s Guinness Punch Mix)
  13. Povo – East On West
  14. Shy FX – Raver (B. Traits Breaking Bad Remix)
  15. Up Bustle & Out – Promo
  16. Ursula 1000 – Promo Remix
  17. Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B.


8 May

Lush – Golden Era Jungle Special – PODCAST


We’ve been patiently waiting for Channel One co founder DJ Lush to deliver a fresh podcast, but Lush marches to his own drum and with the exception of his mother, and occasionally his girl, nobody can tell him anything. He is a stubborn fuck but we still love the guy for it anyway.

He sent in this Golden Era Jungle mix with a typical 12 paragraph ‘Lush’ explanation email that basically summarizes to: “I was doing spring cleaning round my house and instead of putting these records away I ended up just hitting record and mixing them together…”

Fine by us, cause he went IN! Just under an hour of vintage classic 1994 Jungle that gears more towards the rare underground gems rather than the obvious CD compilation anthems. Just in time for the start of summer. We even squeezed a tracklisting out of him for all the vinyl junkies… so get on discogs but make sure you have lots of room on your credit card!


  1. Shy FX & Gunsmoke – Gangsta part 2 – SOUR
  2. Dillinja & Bert – Lionheart – Lionheart
  3. Rob Andrews – Length and Strength – Focus
  4. X Amount Crew – The Victory – X Amount
  5. Tom n Jerry – Air Freshener – Tom n Jerry
  6. Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune – Moving Shadow
  7. Lion Of Judah – Outta Sound (Set It) – X Project
  8. Brockout Crew – Hardcore Romance – Slam!
  9. Krome & Time – London Talk – Tearin Vinyl
  10. Kings of The Jungle – Time To Move – Suburban Bass
  11. Leviticus – Burial – Philly Blunt
  12. M Beat – Style – Renk
  13. Sacred – Call The Cops – Pursuit
  14. The Brainkillers – Screwface – Kemet
  15. —Shy FX – Who Run Tings (T Power rmx) – Ebony—
  16. Fusion – Love for The World rmx – Kemet
  17. M Beat – Shuffle – Renk
  18. LTJ Bukem – Atlantis – Good Looking
  19. Roni Size & DJ Die – Music Box – Full Circle
  20. D Livin – Why – D livin
3 May

Guest Mix – The Frandiscos (CAN)


One of the things that we really notice that’s different between the current crop of young DJ’s from when we were starting out, (many, many late nights ago) is that the new generation isn’t waiting around for anybody to bring them in like we had to go thru. They have their own music, their own parties and have created their own scenes. We love that. That’s what keeps us excited and motivated to always be on the hunt for that next shit. These dudes are that Next Shit.

Toronto brothers Andrew and Jonathan FranDisco have been seamless blending thru a variety of genres and helming the decks all throughout the underground at everything from sleazy boozecans, and weeknight afterhours to established clubnights and industry events. From hip-hop to dubstep, drum and bass to disco, electro to house, the FranDiscos display a musical versatility that is indicative of the new generations genreless take on good music. That’s us all day.

Catch them dusting off past gems you might’ve forgotten about, and new tunes you’ve yet to hear at their monthly party at Andy Poolhall in Toronto, alongside their steady gig schedule. This is the first in what will be many more Channel One podcasts to come and many more years of rocking parties all over for these cats.

Remember where you heard it first…

23 Apr

Guest Mix – Sylvermayne (CAN)


Deep down, all of us at Channel One are really just a bunch of music nerds. When we come across someone that we recognize as a fellow obsessive beats and bass head we let them know that there is a place for them at Channel One. Sylvermayne is one of those people.

For a while there it seemed like every time we would go out this dude would be playing where we would be partying, from Blondies to Bassmentality. We love the guys taste, be it in experimental boom bap Hip Hop beats, dancefloor warming Deep House, facemelting Dubstep or that grey area morphing in between, the man plays with soul and passion. We like that.

For his debut Channel One mix Sylvermayne goes into house mode. Rolling out everything from murky late night grooves and futuristic Disco, to soul drenched afterhours favourites paired against harder, darker mutant funky. This mix is almost as big as the man himself, like seriously, homeboy is at least twice the size of anybody in our circle, so it’s a good thing his mix is dope cause we would have had a hard time turning the man down!

Check his productions on Soundcloud and follow his movements on Twitter.


Title – Artist – Label

  1. Moan – Trentemoller – (Poker Flat Recordings)
  2. What You Need – The Weekend – (Cdr)
  3. Summers Gone Winters Here – Mood Ii Swing
  4. It Is What It Is – Fred P. – (Strength Music Recordings)
  5. Stronger Than Pride (Karizma K2 Mix) – Sade – (K2 Edits)
  6. I Need Your Love – Robin Hannibal & Jullian Gomes – (Red Bull Music Academy)
  7. El Musica – Kb – (Ith Records)
  8. Square One (Greena Remix) – Mosca – (Night Slugs)
  9. Predator Mode (Roska Remix) – Ghosts On Tape – (Wireblock)
  10. Like That – Amenta & J-Wow – (Redbull Music Academy)
  11. Pride (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Osunlade Presents Nadirah Shakoor – (Strictly Rhythm)
  12. Disco Mecca – DJ Funsko – (Total Wipes)
  13. Green Gal – Actress – (Werk Disks)
  14. Keppra – Roman Lindau – (Ostgut Ton)
  15. The Underground – Celeda
  16. Track 101 – Grant Nelson – (Nice ‘N’ Ripe)
  17. Revisit – Crst – (No Hats No Hoods)
  18. In My Mind – Exotope – (Cdr)
  19. We Got You (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix) – The Score – (Coast Music)
  20. Soon (Kink Remix) – Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – (Marco Recordings)
  21. Dama’s Salon (Main Mix) – DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson Feat Damas – (Ith Records)
  22. Snow & Taxis – Gold Panda – (Ghostly International)
  23. Yuya – Killamu – (Akwaaba Music)
  24. Deadly Rhythm – Doc Daneeka – (Pattern)
  25. LoveShy (ThinkingAboutYou) (CrazyCousinsRemix) – Platnum
9 Apr

Marcus Visionary – Funk, Soul, Boogie vol.2 – PODCAST

Marcus Visionary returns to his roots once again with a 2 hour and 11 minute mix of Funk and Boogie music!

Big thank you to everyone who downloaded the first mix! Big up the Laminate Radio crew and all of the Funk and Boogie lovers worldwide!


4 Apr



Channel One is very pleased to welcome Toronto legend Sassa’le and his long standing Version Xcursion program to our roster, showcasing the finest in all things Dub and Bass orientated. Watch for the Version Xcursion podcast exclusive to Channel One on a very regular basis.

Sassa’le emigrated from Bristol, England to Toronto, Canada in the early 1990s. Inspired by the evolution of the Bristol music scene he witnessed during his youth, Sassa’le conceptualized and created VERSION XCURSION (VX) sixteen years ago. VX began as a community radio show in downtown Toronto and over the years has established itself in both the local and international community as a source for reggae inspired music and for promoting new and exciting Canadian sounds.

Sassa’le was one of North America’s first promoters of UK garage, formed FlirtCanada with T-Step back in ‘99 and was the only North American DJ to open for Craig David on his American tour. Sassa’le has also worked as an opening DJ for Smith&Mighty, Portishead, Tricky and numerous times for Massive Attack (most recently in 2010). Today he continues to produce, promote, DJ and host the Version Xcursion radio show with partner Aram Scaram who joined him in 2003.

VERSION XCURSION continue to break boundaries and concepts in pushing the music they love.

More Info:


  1. Michael Prophet – You Are A No Good
  2. Barry Brown – Give Another Israel A Try
  3. 2 Kings – Lords Prayer
  4. Dubateers – Cdr
  5. Dubateers – Cdr Dub
  6. Skitz – Born Inna System (feat. Buggsy)
  7. Agape – She Really Like It (Eric Dubstepper Vocal)
  8. Bonjay – Stumble
  9. Elleny – Life Turn
  10. Mrk 1 – Cardiac Arrest
  11. LaidBlak – Red (CS Dubstep Mix)
  12. Top Cat – You Never Know
  13. DeekLine – I Don’t Smoke (feat. Ragga Twins & Darrison)
  14. Aswad feat. Sweetie Irie – City Lock (Breakage Remix)

Aram Scaram’s Guest Mix

  1. Channel 1 intro / Jahdan Blakkamoore – VX Dubplate
  2. Alpha Steppa feat. Gregory Isaacs – Crucial Steppa
  3. Dub From Atlantis – Silly Little Things (Cymatic remix)
  4. Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Cyntax remix)
  5. Don Carlos – Favourite Cup (Juju & DJG remix)
  6. Henry & Louis – Everyman Different (Mungo’s Hi Fi remix)
  7. Mafia & Fluxy – Forever Loving Steps
  8. Prince Fatty feat. Hollie Cook & Alcapone – That Very Night In Dub
  9. Resonators – Sweet Dub Affair
  10. Perfect – Reggae Music
  11. Million Stylez – Mind Travelling
  12. DJ Vadim feat Sabira Jade & Kwasi Asante – Hidden Treasure
  13. Down Tones – Short Man’s Soul
  14. Skophom – The Move