5 Mar

Schematic – Guestmix – March 2016

We’ve been keeping our heads down this winter working on our various projects outside of Channel One, but whenever we can bring you fresh, cutting edge music from exciting producers and DJ’s we will always jump at the chance. Toronto’s Schematic is a producer who has been steadily building a reputation for himself as an artist to take very seriously. Real name Dan Dubois, Schematic has been turning heads worldwide with his diverse, precision productions covering the soulful and deeper shades of Drum & Bass and closer to home via his impeccably selected DJ sets. His technical prowess as one of the cities go to mastering engineers has been spreading throughout the community, drawing more and more artists to hire his services at the helm of his analogue & digital mastering suite, Schematic Sound.

His excursions as a producer are what are really setting him apart as an emerging talent within Drum & Bass though, with excellent singles for Blu Saphir and Audio Addict under his belt and more stuff on the way for some as yet unannounced heavy weights, the spotlight is sure to be shining down on him soon enough. In the mean time Schematic is getting set to release his next single, for increasingly rising concern Inner City Dance on March 7. Showing off a darker, more aggressive side to his sound, Schematic steps forward with two cutting edge slabs of futuristic funk for Marcus Visionary & Lush’s growing imprint that have been generating rave reviews across the worldwide scene. As a companion to the release, Schematic has gone to work and rolled out an exhilarating mix of some of his forthcoming material and current favorites. Warm, engaging and energetic, Schematic perfectly balances sections of dance floor release with moments of introspective emotion that succinctly combine these two main themes as shown throughout his body of work as an artist and his sound as a DJ. Strap yourself in and get ready for a journey through the incomparable Schematic Sound that is sure to be reaching more and more people really soon. That way you can say that you were there before the rest of the world caught on. Tracklist… Read More »

31 Dec

Marselan – Avenir Inconnu

Well there you have it, another year in the books and another great year for music across the board. At Channel One we quietly passed our five year anniversary mark and brought you a strong curation of mixes and DJ’s that we are proud to stand behind. For 2016 it’s going to be more of the same for us on all fronts and just maybe we will throw a little celebration in there when the stars align the way we like them too.

Stepping in for our final session of 2015 we present another mix from our MVP this year, Marselan. The mysterious French House and Techno line blurrer has dropped three mixes for us this year, hitting a surge in creativity recently dropping two stellar mixes in just the last few weeks.

Always chasing the right melody, percussive twist and body grabbing basslines, Marselan is a master of telling an emotive story with his meticulous selections, creating a hypnotic, groove riding journey through the darker, primal side of techno and house.

Avenir Inconnu (Future Unknown) is the aptly named title of this latest Marselan excursion, the perfect talking point for the start of a new year, taking a free and easy approach to what’s ahead with the same nonchalant flare that permeates all of French culture, especially the sound scape of the Franco underground that Marselan draws most of his inspiration from. A lesson in pace and timing, Marselan lays down a patient collection of brand new tracks peppered with some of the years best late night favorites. The perfect soundtrack to the start or end of your New Years revelry, step into your unknown future of what the next 365 days will bring and enjoy the journey wherever it takes you. We will see you on the other side.  Tracklisting… Read More »

22 Dec

The Visionary Special on Kool London

It’s been another action packed year for Toronto’s Jungle Ambassador, Marcus Visionary.  His “Visionary Mix Show” on iconic pirate turned legal Kool London has solidified itself as one of the most popular shows on the station, with a rabid international fan base awaiting every bi weekly episode. A series of well received singles and ep’s on his own Inner City Dance imprint, as well as a number of high profile remixes featuring some of Reggae and Dancehall’s brightest artists all culminating in the heavily profiled “Jungle To The World” album on Liondub International. His extensive DJ schedule saw him busy as ever both home and abroad culminating in his most recent appearances at legendary London club Fabric for Digital Soundboy’s 10 year anniversary alongside Shy Fx.

2016 is almost here and the General has no intentions of slowing down as he passes the 25 year marker on his career. With extensive touring already lined up for the new year including a return to Europe and the UK in January alongside his ongoing local concerns, and a new, invigorated approach to making music in his studio.  After all it is his signature production style that has taken him all over the world, so it was fitting for Marcus to start documenting his extensive discography with the first in a series to come of 100 percent Visionary selections spanning from the beginning of his artist career up until the present. Coming in at just under two hours and barely scratching the surface of his prolific output over the last 15 years, this mix serves as a snapshot of the uniquely singular production ascetic that has been both widely imitated and hugely influential to the revival of Jungle and Ragga within the larger demographic of modern Drum & Bass. Stand at attention and salute the General!

26 Nov

Marselan – Avec Le Temps

It’s always around the time that the seasons change that we suddenly receive an email notification from our mysterious French contributor Marselan. It’s almost as if the gradual shift from warm to cold and from light to dark signifies some deep instinctual need with in him to capture this period of transition and channel it into his now trademark tribal blend of thought provoking, lines blurred House and Techno to act as a sort of sonic metaphor for our journey though the impending winter. Marselan’s profound and unwavering commitment to developing his art be it via his music or his photography displays a clarity of purpose that is consistently captivating despite being almost anonymous in his shrouded persona. Staying true to his vision without making any concessions to his creativity, Marselan stands alone at the foggy intersection of deep melodic House and mind expanding Techno, all presented with a revered futuristic/retro twist that never strays from the core primal theme of infinite hedonism that permeates through all of his mixes.

“Avec Le Temps” is the name of this mix, translating literally to “With Time”, which he never specifically implied, but we think is in reference to the painstaking meticulousness that he builds his sets with, spacing slow burning stripped down rhythms and warehouse shaking bass tones with moments of percussive tension and emotive atmosphere creating an equally jacking yet hypnotizing groove. Honing in on the darker sounds of both genres, Marselan turns in yet another tasteful balance of melancholic, body moving, soul reaching afterhours music, creating the perfect late night dance floor experience.


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27 Oct

Dcision – Guest Mix – Oct 2015

Toronto’s long standing history and love affair with Jungle/D&B is at this point unquestioned. Even by the online music media who while refusing to give any attention or recognition to the artists, DJ’s, labels and promoters that have been cultivating and pushing forward this genre for the better part of 20 years, are always quick to mention the “Drum & Bass” roots or upbringing of whichever other electronic artist they are extending their coverage too this week. Meanwhile, the cities vibrant, longstanding scene continues to flourish and nurture new talent who have all grown up under its influence and are now more than ever starting to step into the forefront to add their own voice to the constantly evolving canon of modern Drum & Bass / Jungle.

One such outfit taking their place amongst this new wave is the burgeoning trio of Dcision, RMS & Shotz. Both in combination and solo, these three producers are getting set to make waves out of Toronto this year with a growing catalog of Jungle leaning weaponry in their arsenal, and a host of key labels standing behind them to release it. Last week saw the release of their newest single, “No Turning Back” on foundation Toronto Drum & Bass DJ’s Marcus Visionary and Lush’s consistently rising Inner City Dance imprint. (Channel One‘s own!) The single marks the 21st release on the label and sets up a full EP from the production outfit coming in 2016.

We thought it was only right to get a mix from Dcision to see what else was hot out of their studio or in his dub box, and like a pro he stepped up and delivered. A swift hour of brand new dubs and productions from the crew themselves, alongside forthcoming premiers from fellow Toronto contemporaries like Schematic, Artifice, NC 17 and Hungry T, as well as exclusives from hot properties like Voltage and Serum. A seasoned and skilled DJ, and equally on the pulse promoter, Dcision lays down a quick fire, rolling clinic of bass line rattlers to fill the dance floor or envelop your ear buds. A fitting introduction to the man for the new ears who may not be as immersed in Toronto Drum & Bass as they should. To bring back our original tag line: Remember where you heard it first!

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10 Sep

Marselan – La Brume Du Matin

Seemingly weaving through space and time as we pass the unofficial end of summer, our mysterious French contributor Marselan appears out of nowhere to bless us with a new mix just before he disappears back into the fog and returns to Europe. His last session for us at the tail end of 2014 left us with such a strong impression of him that we brought him into the fold, and once again his elusive nature only adds to the enigmatic aura behind his distinguished yet cosmic sound.

Citing the rich underground scenes of Paris, Lyon and Montreal as major influences on him, Marselan’s introspective fusion of minimal House and soul searching Techno bridge together effortlessly with the finesse and poise that the French are so revered for. Stripping down the elements and focusing in on the most primal grooves, Marselan meticulously crafts a hypnotic sonic tapestry, letting the tracks breath so that each subtle change highlights the rousing effect of every propulsive aural detail. Long, intricate mixing and flawless track selection with a natural understanding of the needs of the dance floor imply to the true skill of the man behind the moniker, setting Marselan apart from the droves of overhyped “deep” DJ’s that dominate lineups of the most respected club nights and festivals the world over, marking the veiled Frenchman as a real force on the scene to watch.

The name of this mix, “La Brume Du Matin” translates loosely to “Morning Mist”, the perfect visual manifestation of the melancholic late night journey Marselan takes you on, as well as the literal observation of the state of your surroundings when you step outside of the darkened club after having experienced one of his mind altering, body controlling sets first hand. From the communal playas of Burning Man to the exclusive enclaves of Berghain, Marselan’s consciousness expanding sound is one that all connoisseurs of fine House and Techno need to acquaint themselves with.

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5 Sep

The Visionary Mix Show – Carnival Special

There are certain things that are constants. Traditions if you will. Things that you can look forward too each and every year with out fail. The CNE, OVO fest, Every team in Toronto tanking it every season (OK the Jays are good now yeah yeah) and from our end, Marcus Visionary‘s Carnival Ragga Jungle Special. The world famous Notting Hill Carnival in London just passed last weekend and even though this was the first time in a few years that Marcus wasn’t there in person he wasn’t going to let the vibes run away from him this year just because he had other commitments.

So here we have it, originally aired in two parts on his highly acclaimed Visionary Mix Show on Kool London, we bring you all four hours of the annual Visionary Carnival Special featuring strictly the most sought after and exclusive Ragga Jungle dubplates of the last few months in one blazing mix. Featuring brand new productions and VIP’s from Marcus himself alongside contemporaries like Benny Page, Lion Dub Potential Bad Boy and Dirty Dubsters. All that plus Marcus put out a new single this week on Inner City Dance, “Step Aside” featuring Steppa Style with mixes from Terror Tone and Lamont Dex which is out worldwide at all the usual spots now. All we ask is that you just handle yourself with some decorum while listening to it and maybe rethink blowing your air horn for the reload while sitting on the back of the Queen street car in rush hour traffic.

28 Aug

The FranDiscos – Hi. We’re Still Good

After what seems like an impossibly long absence we are finally blessed with another mix from the brothers FranDisco just in time to soundtrack the tail end of your summer. We love the whole spectrum of the underground, scanning all of it to find the good shit. The FranDiscos (real life brothers Andrew and Jonathan) also like the good shit, that’s why we always rate them so highly. They are the byproduct of everything that makes the sonic melting pot of growing up in Toronto unique. The DJing embodiment of the I Pod shuffle generation, each foot firmly planted simultaneously in the music of the immediate past and the ever changing future. Teenage Junglists, immersed in Rap and House, ear’s always on the cusp of what’s around the corner as the lines between dance music blur together.

Just a quick glance of the track list gives you an immediate idea of the duos wide reaching ability to draw together seemingly disparate selections from across the electronic panorama and deftly mix them into one cohesive story for the dance floor. They effortlessly blend from Ryan Hemsworth to Machinedrum, Disclosure to Flume, Run The Jewels to Rick Ross with adventurous sprinklings of Dillinja and Daft Punk for good measure. All of this casual genre bending is nothing new for the FranDiscos, it’s been their signature from the very start of their career, from dingy booze cans to the now legendary Bassmentality nights and currently via their weekly radio show on Dubplate.FM, Andrew and John have been seamlessly rifling through the contents of their hard drive for enough years now that the status of “veteran” is hovering over their heads.

Never complacent, catch them all over town at their own parties, playing their own never to be released specials and keep your eyes on them as the new year approaches. In the meantime though, roll up and ride out with the FranDiscos because summer is no were near done yet and there is still plenty of times to be had, besides, the Jays might actually win something eh so you need that party music on the quick pull up.

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18 Aug

Freeza Chin & Plain English Live at Bump 13

We started our BUMP brand of parties over a year ago mainly as an outlet for us to have a party where we could play all of the brand new and classic UK Garage, bass heavy House music and Funky that we loved in a small “no pressure” setting. If it had just been us and our immediate crew in a small room playing the music we would have been totally happy with that. Now 13 parties in we have built up a tight dedicated community of UK Garage lovers from Toronto and the UK who all share our love for the music, it’s culture and it’s unmistakable party vibe. Like all of our projects, we are very guarded and protective of our brand, so we generally just stick to ourselves, but when the offer for our next show “came across the desk” we had to get involved. When our favorite promoter in the city, Last Planet approached us about teaming up with them and the cool kids at BASE Toronto to present the debut of Flava D we immediately jumped at the opportunity.


Flava D has taken the UK scene by storm over the last 2 years with heavy cosigns from the legendary DJ EZ and the always at the forefront Butterz label. Flava D has let her music do the talking with a steady stream of releases on Ellijah & Skilliam’s Butterz as well as Champion’s Formula Records. Rooted in Garage, her productions draw in influences from across the London Underground from Grime to Bassline House all with a distinct flare and sexiness that makes the sound her own. Catch the full BUMP crew in a supporting role building the vibes for the first lady of UKG to undoubtedly duppy the place.

To set the mood we are releasing this live set from our last BUMP event in June from our man Freeza Chin hosted by the voice of Channel One and BUMP Plain English. As usual Freeza was on fire on the night laying down a ferocious set of current Garage, Funky and Grime leaning heaters that had the dance floor heaving. In addition to Flava D at Studio Bar this Friday, look out for the 14th installment of BUMP arriving Sept12 at Weldon Park. #NoStandStill!

29 Jul

The Visionary Mix Show

The lazy daze of Summer are shining down on us and everyone is in good spirits. We have our own reasons to be cheerful, as without much fanfare we have quietly reached five years of Channel One. Our little “side project” has been a constant in our lives this whole time and we are just as invigorated and excited to keep bringing you new music as we were when we started. It’s only fitting that as we turn the page on our first half decade that we post a mix from our figurehead, and the first DJ to appear on our station when we launched, Marcus Visionary.

Since joining the illustrious roster of Kool London last year, The Visionary Mix Show has built up a huge worldwide following making his show one of the of the most listened to and streamed programs on the storied station. The archives of the show have been consistently cracking the top 5 most listened too mixes on Mixcloud in all of the relevant Drum & Bass related categories every other week when a new episode drops. So this week we figured since we are all living our lives outside right now, we should give you some essential sundrenched selections. Here is four full hours of soulful liquid DnB and Jungle for your listening pleasure in the form of two back to back episodes of the of the most recent Visionary Mix Shows. Say no more really, you know what to do. Enjoy the Summer, we have lots planned for the months ahead.

You can catch Marcus this Sunday @ Coda for the next instalment of the Master Lab series in support of LTJ Bukem and Lenzman. A show not to be missed for all the lovers of progressive Drum & Bass.