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27 May

Marcus Visionary – Carnival Jungle Special 2011

Channel One figurehead and legendary ‘All things Bass’ pioneer Marcus Visionary returns off his European tour fully loaded with dubs and a renewed vibe to continue to push the Ragga Jungle sound that has been his trademark throughout his long career.

Last years Caribana Jungle special still remains as the highest downloaded podcast in our history with over 30,000 individual downloads. Now just in time for the start of summer, Marcus drops his Carnival Ragga Jungle Special 2011! Over 2 hours of exclusive dubplates you won’t hear anywhere else for a looooong time.

8 May

Lush – Golden Era Jungle Special – PODCAST

We’ve been patiently waiting for Channel One co founder DJ Lush to deliver a fresh podcast, but Lush marches to his own drum and with the exception of his mother, and occasionally his girl, nobody can tell him anything. He is a stubborn fuck but we still love the guy for it anyway.

He sent in this Golden Era Jungle mix with a typical 12 paragraph ‘Lush’ explanation email that basically summarizes to: “I was doing spring cleaning round my house and instead of putting these records away I ended up just hitting record and mixing them together…”

3 May

Guest Mix – The Frandiscos (CAN)

One of the things that we really notice that’s different between the current crop of young DJ’s from when we were starting out, (many, many late nights ago) is that the new generation isn’t waiting around for anybody to bring them in like we had to go thru. They have their own music, their own parties and have created their own scenes. We love that. That’s what keeps us excited and motivated to always be on the hunt for that next shit. These dudes are that Next Shit.