Freeza Chin – 3 Hour Vintage Reggae Mix

12 Aug 2012 by Channel One, 1 Comment »

The August heat is blazing, Caribana just finished, summer is in full swing. We at Channel One have been thoroughly enjoying our bbq season.  Our last mix from TASC is the soundtrack to your late night excursions after the sun has gone down and the grill has been closed.  But what about the daytime selections? Don’t worry we GOT YOU.

Our boy Freeza Chin steps up to the plate with this massive three hour foundation reggae, roots and lovers rock mega mix covering all the angles of classic Jamaican music.  Enough music to cover you from prep work to grill to table.

Just put this on and leave it.  that’s all you need to do.

Plus catch Freeza playing more of this at his all things reggae monthly Double Dragons.

One Comment

  1. bumpeeizm says:

    Is it possible to get the name of the tracks?? Please do if you can.
    Much appreciated.

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