Guest Mix – DJ Prime – November Tek Mix (CAN)

14 Nov 2012 by Channel One, 5 Comments »

The word “soldier” is very often used especially in DnB circles as a term of endearment and respect for someone who has selflessly and tirelessly toiled away in the trenches of a scene that has seen its fair share of ups and downs over its 20 plus year history.

Ryan “DJ Prime” Whittington represents the epitome of what a true soldier is. Motivated only by a deep love for the music and the rich culture behind it, Prime has been on the front lines of DnB from day one, following and pushing the format from the heady days of Hardcore into Jungle and forward on to Drum & Bass.

His biggest contribution has been via his dedication to community radio. After a brief stint on CHRY 105.5 FM in 1994 Prime hooked up with none other than Marcus Visionary and the two started presenting their “Prophecy” radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM in the fall of 1995.

Now 17 years later and the Prophecy remains as the longest running weekly Jungle/DnB radio show in North America and has served as the entry point for generations of listeners to be exposed to the music and the scene behind it.

Through it all Prime has always stuck to his guns keeping pace with the constantly evolving underground and refusing to be pigeonholed by playing the full spectrum of Drum & Bass on radio and in countless raves throughout his career.

Here Prime steps up with over an hour of brand new beats selected and mixed with a veterans precision. According to him this is the first of many more mixes to come from a man who’s passion for DnB is re-ignited every time a batch of new fresh music lands in his inbox, the same way it has since he bought his first pieces of vinyl all those years ago.

A tip of the hat to a man who’s humbleness and cool demeanor is a testament to what the phrase “doing it for the love of the music” really means. Respect.



  1. Calyx & TeeBee (Feat Kemo)  –  Pure Gold
  2. Critical Impact and Komonazmuk  -Translation
  3. Black Sun Empire (Feat. Foreign Beggars)   – Dawn of a Dark Day
  4. A.I. & Command Strange   – Broken Ground
  5. Black Sun Empire  – Transmissions (Mindscape Remix)
  6. A.I. & Command Strange (Feat. Jamakabi)  – Mad One
  7. Cause4Concern  – Alchemist
  8. Break  – Submerged (Teebee & Calyx Remix)
  9. Emperor  – Smokescreen
  10. Villem  – Artifacts
  11. S.P.Y.   – Roll The Dice
  12. Ulterior Motive  – Featherweight V!P
  13. Black Sun Empire  – Extraction
  14. Future Cut (Feat. Jenna G)  – Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix)
  15. Gridlok (Feat. Optiv)  – Time Goes By
  16. The Upbeats & Gridlok  – Krypto
  17. Konichi  – Sekund Fort
  18. Break    – Love So True
  19. Unreal   – Morning Sat
  20. Trex & Jaybee     – Ghosts
  21. DJ Devize & Shookz      – Coming in Stealth
  22. Wickaman ft Mavrik & Hoodlum     – One Scratch
  23. Charli XCX         – Youre The One (Dub Phizix Remix)
  24. Culture Shock      – Troglodyte
  25. S.P.Y.    -Torque
  26. Clarity   – Cold Blank
  27. Rene LaVice   – Headlock VIP
  28. S.P.Y.   – Kiss the Sky
  29. DRS      – Bun Ya
  30. Frankee    – Firethorn


  1. Target says:

    Rollin’ Solid Pressure!

  2. haf says:

    YES Mr. Prime!… Nice selection. Gr8 work, as per usual. I’m curious if one track’s missing from that tracklist though, it’d fall between 25. Torque and 26. Cold Blank, at least I think so. If so let us know. Thnx Ryan, and Channel One, BIG-UP fellas.

  3. Prime says:

    You are right. The track is Bcee – Chameleon (Savage Rehab and Mcleod Rmx)

  4. Carl Collins says:

    Still Undefeated …Gwan Bad Man

  5. rudeboybass says:

    Proper drum and bass mix, thanks for this!

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