11 Jul

Ice One – Church

It’s been a minute for us, we know.  We had some “technical glitches”  which should really read “our server got hit with a DDos Attack”.  No worries though, we got up, dusted our shoulders off and are back on a new server, stronger than ever.  Now it’s back to the business of providing the soundtracks to your summer.

While this was happening the king Ice One passed through town to play at Toronto’s newest headz only (zero EDM) D&B weekly CHURCH.  He also dropped off this vicious mix to mark the occasion.  A 60 minute snapshot of uncompromising, raw underground Drum & Bass, further displaying Ice One’s top tier pedigree as one of the best DJ’s in the country.  While the wider electronic media has been snooping their noses around the always present wealth of amazing music  circulating in the 170 BPM template, Ice One now as he always has been, continues to be  a beacon of good taste for those looking to return to the tempo, or more importantly, those who never left.


1. A Sides & MC Fats – Temperatures Rising
2. Ruffhouse & Clarity – Aphasia
3. Digital & Spirit – Redo
4. Dom & Roland – Freeze
5. Kendrick Lamar –  M.A.A.D City (Stranjah Version)
6. Alix Perez – Gully Halves
7. Antagonist – Flag
8. Rumbleton – Champion Meditation
9. Digital – Gateman
10. Heist – Great White
11. Dom & Roland – Unofficial Jah
12. Overlook – Digital
15. Alix Perez x DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn – Make It Worth
16. Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
17. Skeptical Feat. Collette Warren – Desire
18. Seba – Science Fiction
19. Digital – Bitter Wind
21. Sam KDC – Erogenous
22. Blocks – Moon & Stars

11 Jun

Freeza Chin – Hybrid Gathering Mix Part 1


Freeza Chin – Hybrid Gathering Mix by Channel One on Mixcloud

Track list:

  1. Special Request Feat. Camille – Hackney Parrot (Paul Woolford Basment Mix)
  2. Javeon – Intoxicated (DJ Q Remix)
  3. Sub Focus – Close (Friend Within Remix)
  4. Disclosure & Friend Within – The Mechanism
  5. Disclosure feat. Sam Smith – Latch (T Williams Club Edit)
  6. Lancelot – Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent (Meramek Remix)
  7. Ramadan Man – Your Words Matter (Marcus Visionary Edit)
  8. Mark de Clive-Lowe – Get Started ft Omar (Full Crate Remix)
  9. Terror Tone – Under Attack (Mr Rich Remix)
  10. Sister Nancy & Stylo G – Badd (Friend Within Remix)
  11. Friend Within – The Birth
  12. Chase & Status – BLK + BLU ft. Ed Thomas (Preditah Remix)
  13. Collabor8 – Work This Out
  14. Sigma – Nobody To Love (TS7 Remix)
  15. Disclosure – Stimulation
  16. TruStep – Be With Me
  17. Kelis – Rumble (Breach Extended Mix)
  18. Stylo G – Move Back (Grant Nelson Mix)
  19. Panteros666 – Baby F-16 (Cause & Affect Remix)
  20. Friend Within – Renegade Master
  21. MSXP – Clouds (Bollocks Deejays Remix)
  22. DubRocca – Pick You Up
  23. Tre Mission & xSDTRK – In The Air
  24. Mar & Full Crate – Man x Woman
26 Mar

Jumpin Jack Frost – ‘Reggae Reggae Jungle’


Jumpin Jack Frost – Philly Blunt Mix by Channel One Station

This week on Channel One we have the pleasure of presenting a mix from without a doubt the single biggest name we have ever had contribute to our little “station”.  The first words that spring to mind when describing this guest and his ever lasting contribution and influence on underground electronic  music are Legend, Icon, Taste Maker and Maverick.  South London’s Jumping Jack Frost has been at the forefront of British Bass Culture from day dot.  One of the first real big name Rave DJ’s to emerge from the  Summer Of Love in 1988, Frost injected his earlier Rare Groove, Funk and Reggae  influences into Acid House, becoming one of the main prognosticators of the shift from Acid into Hardcore and further into Jungle and then Drum & Bass.   One of the true cornerstones holding up the entire culture of the music , Frost has been responsible for introducing the world to most of Jungle and Drum & Bass’s most ground breaking tunes and artist’s via his dub plate heavy DJ sets, or via his landmark label V Recordings in partnership with the equally as legendary, Bryan G.

Always a DJ first,  in 1993 Frost caught the production bug and with the engineering duties being handled by a young artist Bryan and Frost had discovered named Dillinja, Frost produced one of Jungle’s most seminal classic anthems: “The Burial” under his Leviticus alias.  Bryan and Frost knew that the tune was way too hardcore and in your face for the cutting edge and experimental future classics that they were releasing from Roni Size, Krust, Die and Dillinja on V recordings.  So they decided to set up a sister imprint to focus on the more blatant, urban Jungle vibes  that the tune represented,  and so Philly Blunt Records was born.  The label’s  first ten releases from Leviticus, Fire Fox and 4 Tree (Roni & Die), Trinity (Dillinja), London’s Most Wanted (Ray Keith), Glamour Gold (Krust) and Suvivor (Suv) all went on to be among the most important  and vital Jungle anthems of all time.

Enter into 2014 and Jumping Jack Frost is still one of the most enigmatic and respected personalities with in Drum & Bass, continuing to DJ all over the world and break new sounds and artists.  With a steady resurgence of Jungle music being made, Frost and Bryan G are bringing back their iconic Philly Blunt label and brand after a dormant period, re energized with new tunes, new faces and a new energy, touching on the classic Philly Blunt sound of the past with a contemporary twist.  To celebrate the re launch, Frost has provided us with this brand new Ragga Jungle leaning Philly Blunt mix to wet your appetites for what’s to come.  Put your V signs in the air and salute the living legend Jumping Jack Frost. V Forever baby!

18 Mar

Plain English BUMP Interview


Plain English BUMP Interview by Channel One Station

We sat down with Plain English the unmistakable voice of Channel One, BUMP, Toronto Funky and UKC about his deep roots in UK music from Jungle to Garage, Grime and beyond, and his reflections on the new wave of UK House, Garage and Deep House currently taking the streets and ears of young urban London by storm.  Plain recounts his history and motivations as one of the main lynch pins for building the bridge between Toronto and London and creating a community for the music to flourish here, the same way Jungle, Drum & Bass and Dubstep have before it.

Catch Plain English this Saturday at BUMP 003 hosting the sets of Inner City Dance  (Marcus Visionary & Lush), Freeza Chin and Tasc playing the freshest new Garage, Deep House and Bass mutations mixed with essential UKG foundation classics.  If you have yet to experience a BUMP event, we urge you to come early to ensure entry and dress to impress, but ready to move!

Check the BUMP event page HERE

7 Mar

Gary Esson Mix & Interview


Gary Esson – March 2014 by Channel One Station

The wealth of new music that we can loosely file under the “UK Garage” banner that has been coming though lately is something we have made no secret about being excited by. So when the opportunity came up for us to not only get a mix from, but also interview one of the main proponents of the contemporary 4×4 Garage or “Bumpy” sound we had to jump at it. Gary Esson has been quietly making a name for himself as a producer who’s output carries on in the traditional cut up sample heavy Garage style pioneered by the likes of Todd Edwards and Marc Kichen (MK).

Signed to 2Tuf4u records, the label of legendary Tuff Jam producer Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown, Gary Esson  has released a number of EP’s and remixes on the label. Check out Gary’s mix of his own productions and go in depth with Gary Esson about his history, music and the state of UK Garage in this exclusive interview conducted by Marcus Visionary HERE –>
Read More »

19 Feb

Marcus Visionary – Underground Source Vol 3


Marcus Visionary – Underground Source Vol. 3 by Channel One Station

At this point it is pretty common knowledge that the entire UK centric bass music cannon has been forever influenced and shaped by original late 90’s Garage.  From the added swing, percussion and bass line weight of the so called “Deep House” of Dusky and Breach, to the pop sensibilities of Disclosure,  the ghost of UKG has been a constant in all of the UK based House coming out for a number of years.  Most recently however there has been an even greater shift back to the actual blueprint and tempo of Garage with a whole slew of new producers making contemporary 2 step and bumping 4×4 in line with the original style rather than just referencing and alluding to it in their productions.

As he always has been with this sound since pioneering it on this side of the world the first time around, Marcus Visionary is right at the helm of this new wave of “Garridge”, pushing the sound thru his DJ sets, Label (Inner City Dance) and his new series of Bump parties.

Gearing up for the second instalment of Bump this Friday, Marcus gets to work and lays down volume three of his Underground Source Garage and House mix series.  Over an hour and a half of brand new and classic UKG and bass heavy House seamlessly mixed with Marcus’s legendary precision.

Catch Marcus at BUMP 002 with label partner Lush appearing together as Inner City Dance alongside a stacked line up of some of Toronto’s leading underground lights including Terror Tone, Alex Brooks and Sylvermayne all hosted by the voice of Channel One and Bump: Plain English.

The last edition of BUMP was a tight, sweaty, grinding, smiling mess. Don’t be left out in the cold for this one.

16 Feb

SHFT – Emotionally Unavailable


SHFT – Emotionally Unavailable by Channel One Station

Ok so Valentine’s Day is done with, and for all the loving couples, side chicks, phone call away dudes, or jaded singles out there still basking in the loving glow or lonely sorrow evoked by this hallmark holiday we have just the soundtrack for you to keep you in or get you out of that feeling. The young gunner SHFT, who has quickly solidified himself as one of our favorite DJ’s and the most exciting new name to break through the circuit this year drops an exclusive mix of his trademark Intimate 808 Club Music. Guaranteed to tug your heart strings, empty your tear ducts and have you texting that recent “prospect” you met at that after hours last weekend with an exploratory “What’s Up? (—smiley face with tongue out emoticon—)”

We hope we can provide the musical backdrop to your never ending struggle with the game of love, sex and relationships. Play loud.


Sucka (DJ Sliink & DJ Hoodboi & Trippy Turtle Remix)
♡ EMOJI KING ♡ – slow it down bb
Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (Wave Racer Remix)
Matthew Sailor – When You Say
Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Simbaland
Akeda – All Night With Me
Krimslo – FEELS_XP
Wayvee – I’ll Never
Krimslo – Close
DFRNT – Tripped (Synkro Remix)
Fwdslxsh – ‘4 U’
Justin Timberlake – My Love (Dr. Fresch’s #Hashtag Remix)
Elaksi – Gave You All
El. Train – Your Lover
Loft Apartment – Someone’s Will [KR$CHN Remix]
starRo – In Love
El. Train – Your Gaze
Riggadale – Trouble (Riggadale Remix)
J-Louis – 320am with Nikko Gray
Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (Laudz Remix)
Ciara – Overdose (Dave Luxe Remix)
Herr Johann – Vibrations (Seapoint Deep Wub Remix)
Howie Wonder – Mellow (El. Train Remix)
japanese wallpaper final master wav
VXNYL – Slowmoshit
Klimeks – Tokyo Train (Waved Edition)

4 Feb

Lush – #AllDillinjaEverything


Lush – #AllDillinjaEverything by Channel One Station


Anybody who is into Drum & Bass, at any point in the music’s long history should immediately be familiar with the name Dillinja. There are few producers in the entire sphere of electronic music that hold the almost mythical status held by the “cold, dark brother” from south London. Real name Karl Francis, Dillinja had by the age of 18 in the mid nineties already put out some of the most ground breaking, seminal pieces of music ever released in Jungle, and his production style and sound created the entire blueprint for what Drum & Bass would become. Described by Goldie himself as his single “biggest inspiration” the list of landmark tunes and remixes under the Dillinja, Capone, Trinity and Cybotron banners released between 1993 and 2004 is literally too long to mention. Have a look at Dillinja’s discography and reference any track names you don’t recognize with their corresponding You Tube clips to fully familiarize yourself with his prolific output. To even remotely down play the man’s impact on Drum & Bass production and all of electronic music’s production as a whole would be completely uninformed and disrespectful to the culture of the entire music.

That out of the way, the man himself will be making a very rare Toronto appearance, playing a set of his classics and forthcoming material alongside Calyx & Teebee and Toronto golden boy Rene LaVice in celebration of TorontoJungle.com’s 15 year anniversary party. To set the mood and anticipation for the event, our boy Lush, an unabashed “Dillinja Stan” himself who will also be playing on the night turned in this #AllDillinjaEverything mix covering a selection of Dillinja classics spanning the above mentioned time period.

From Lush:

”While it is impossible to do one fully comprehensive mix of every seminal Dillinja tune ever made, I tried my best to fit together as many key records and personal favorites as I could in a way that still flowed and showcased and respected each individual tune properly. I could easily do another installment of this mix with all the tunes that didn’t make it on this time, each tune being equally as important and vital. All hail Dillinja!”

Intro (Remember…)
Deadly Deep Subs Remix – Dillinja – Deadly Vinyl
Tear Down The Whole Place – Dillinja – Conqueror
Angels Fell – Dillinja – Metalheadz
2 Da 1 – Capone – Hardleaders
Muthafucka – Dillinja – Philly Blunt
Jah – Capone – Chronic
Jah Know Ya Big – Dillinja – Metalheadz
Selassie I – Trinity – Philly Blunt
Perfect Match – Dillinja – Deadly Vinyl
Chapter 19 – Trinity – V Recordings
South Side Riffin – Dillinja – White
Lion Heart – Dillinja & Bert – Lionheart
You Don’t Know Remix – Dillinja- Logic Productions
Deep Love – Dillinja – Logic Productions
Soverign Melody – Dillinja – Deadly Vinyl
Deadly Deep Subs – Dillinja – Deadly Vinyl
Deadly Ceremonies – Dillinja – Deadly Vinyl
Silverblade – Cybotron feat Dillinja – Prototype
Acid Track – Dillinja – Valve
Bambataa (Dillinja Remix) – Shy FX – Ebony
Babylon (Dillinja Remix) – Splash – Juice Recordings
Hard Noize – Dillinja – Test
Lucky Star (Dillinja Dub Mix) – Dizzee Rascal
Stronium Jazz (Dillinja Remix) – Future Forces – Renegade Hardware
Valve Sound – Dillinja – Cybotron LP
All Aboard – Dillinja – Cybotron LP
Grimey – Dillinja – V Recordings
Thugged Out Bitch – Dillinja – Valve
Twist Em Out – Dillinja – Renegade Hardware
Massive – Capone – Hardleaders
Live Or Die – Dillinja – Valve
Crunch – Dillinja – Valve
—-Just Warming Up – Dillinja – Valve—-
Good Girl – Dillinja – Valve
I Told You How To Rock – Dillinja – Cybotron LP
Listen To My Flow – Dillinja – Test
Light Years – Cybotron feat Dillinja – Prototype
I Wanna Know – Dillinja – Cybotron LP
Tudor Rose – Capone – Hardleaders
Nasty Ways – Dillinja – FFRR
Nasty Ways (Wide Screen Mix) – Dillinja – FFRR
Outro (Bryan G speaks)

We strongly recommend listening to this mix in your car or on a large system. Ear buds and shitty beats by Dre headphones are not going to do it justice! See you at the TJ anniversary on Friday.

29 Jan

Ice One – Phuture Sounds, Phuture Generations


Ice One – Phuture Sounds, Phuture Generations by Channel One Station

As we are still seemingly trapped in this never ending winter we thought we would drop another mix from one of our absolute favourite DJ’s, a guy who relishes in the winter months and specializes in stone cold underground selections. The ALWAYS on point Ice One.

The Toronto native, currently residing in Banff comes thru with a two sided mixtape showcasing strictly the freshest, most futuristic flavours at both the 170 bpm and 130 (or thereabouts) bpm sphere. Regardless of the different tempos however, Ice One’s selections all convey the same theme of low slung, moody, soulful deepness and good taste that continually make him for us one of the most exciting and must listen to DJ’s in Canada.

Some rare words from Ice One himself:

“I don’t have a lot to say, I feel like the music speaks for itself but I do want to take a second and send my shouts and love out to Lush, Tasc, and the whole ChannelOneStation.com camp for regulating beats and keeping it true to the craft. Also, out to Britz, Stranjah, Gremlinz and everybody else representing the real sounds, making music from the heart. We live for this shit…”

If you’re still sleeping on Ice One, you’re just late. That’s all there is too it.


1. Intro
2. Stranjah – Changelling
3. Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons ft. Collinjah – After Dark (J:Kenzo Remix)
4. Ruffhouse – Greyscale
5. Acid Lab – Stainless
6. Dominic Petrie – Ephemerol Test
7. Overlook – Clouds
8. Homemade Weapons – Delorean
9. Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact
10. Nebula – esreveR
11. Gremlinz & Homemeade Weapons ft. Collinjah – 11th Hour
12. Overlook – Street Spirit
13. Ruffhouse – Pellet
14. Nasty Habits – Shadowboxing
15. DBR UK ft. MC Focus – Above The Slums
16. Skream – Fnkonomika


17. Special Request – Wall To Wall
18. Randomer – Ruffa
19. Dense & Pika – Backstage Mute
20. Ten Walls – Requiem
21. Nick Monaco – The Stalker (Soul Clap’s American Tribal Remix)
22. Alexi Delano & Shaun Reeves – The Mistral
23. Oliver Schories – Go
24. Adam Beyer & Ida Ingberg – You Know
25. PillowTalk – Soft (Life & Death Remix)
26. Trevino – Twelve
27. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Place Of Love (MP Edit)
28. Sparky – Portland
29. Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards
30. Keith Murray – The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Green-Eyed Remix)

16 Jan

Freeza Chin – BUMP 001 Mix

Bump Fix

2014 has landed and the music and the parties continue. First mix of the year is courtesy of our boy Freeza Chin who lays down a quick mix of brand new Garage influenced House and Grime peppered with Golden Era UK Garage classics in anticipation of our newly launched BUMP party series. The brainchild of Marcus Visionary, BUMP parties will showcase various DJ’s playing all styles of sub leaning UK Garage, Deep House, Funky, and Bass Mutations on the massive purpose built Dub Rock Sound System.

Marcus Visionary:

“Toronto has had a very long love affair with U.K bass music. From the bleep sounds of the early 90’s, to Nasa Dance Pub’s weekly Flirt events (97-2002). More recently the now legendary Toronto Funky nights with Freeza Chin, Marcus Visionary & MC Plain English. The U.K Garage sound has been bubbling away influencing the latest crop of House & Bass music producers in the U.K. Acts such as; Disclosure, Dusky, Huxley, DJ Q, and Low Steppa have helped to usher in a new era in the evolution of the Garage Sound. With the help of legendary producers such as Matt Jam Lamont, Karl Tuff Enuff Brown, Scott Diaz, Grant Nelson and Todd Edwards the sound has once again taken a hold of the underground music scene. BUMP is here to give you the raw upfront sounds coming out of the U.K. This time we’re bringing in the mighty DUB ROCK SOUNDSYSTEM to make sure you hear the music exactly as it’s supposed to be heard! Calling all Garridge music lovers! ”


INNER CITY DANCE (Marcus Visionary & DJ Lush)


TASC (Channel One)

MC PLAIN ENGLISH – (Toronto Funky, Bump Resident)

In Association with:

Inner City Dance, Toronto Funky, Channel One

We will see you out a BUMP, but make sure to arrive early and ready to sweat!